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Pups & Bows by The Nail Status

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Sheila and I having our fingers and toes pampered. Thank TNS for 3 sofa chairs for pedicure cause on the other side is...... 

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MELODY! We have got her on board as our 4th sponsored guest for The Nail Status! Teehee! Thank you TNS for giving us an appointment for all 3 of us during peak hour. Can't love you enough (:

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I'm wearing Hollyhoque's Glamour Power Skater Dress in Maroon! I love the sequins and pearls best of this dress, afterall that's the highlight of this piece. Such an elegant and glamorous dress, it's hard to resist picking a piece. This dress also available in navy and white. You can get the dress online or in store now! (: 

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Sheila's took much longer than ours cause she's a perfectionist. So since Mel and I are done... we camwhored like nobody's business. All the faces, different expressions, we say. hehe!

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mememe! (:

Got to show you my pretty, cutesy nails now! 

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I decided to go for a happier, youthful nail design. So here's Pups and Bows for you, all the dog lovers! The design is also kept simple with just polka dots and bows on nails without a dog drawing. 

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Mabs did such a great job in drawing the detailed doggies and little bow on it's neck. Thanks Mabs for the pretty doggies and patience hehe. This design makes me happy every time I look at it! It's one of those designs that can cheer you up and not get sick of cause of it's simplicity. Sometimes, simplicity is the key. 

And as for my toes, fresh purple shade this time round.

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You must be thinking what was i thinking and got two different shades of purple for each feet! It's actually the same color!! This is the new technology of nail varnish that changes colors based on temperature and mood. Awesome right??? It's like paying 1 price for 2 colors.

Pups and Bows by The Nail Status
Gelish Manicure: $50/ $45 Student, Dry Gelish Manicure: $35/ $30 Student
Nail Art Drawing: $55

Gelish Pedicure: $55. Dry Gelish Pedicure: $40
Mood Change Feature: $15

View here for my past TNS nail designs! (:

Members 15% off. Students and Aircrews 10% off for ala cart services (min. $10)

Far East Plaza, #04-69
Tel: (65) 68362005

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My lace pair of pumps must have caused some of my toes to be cold and the rest to be warm! 

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wahaha so cute!

There's a range of mood/ temperature changing nail colors awaiting you! Let's be the first few girls to embrace this technology! (: 

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Love the pinky ring, only available in Hollyhoque boutique.

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happy girl with happy nails!

Christine on the other side with Sheila. Only realized now that we didn't take a picture with her in the shop ): Before we left for some food, shots with my dearest Mabs to end the post. Thank you for all the patience when you do my nails cause I'm not exactly the best customer a manicurist can have cause I can't sit still. 

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