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English Afternoon Tea at Goodwood.


A last shot with Mel before we headed for Goodwood Park Hotel for High Tea. Melody had to go off for her hair appointment so it was just Sheila, Mabs and Christine. We had been talking about going there for the longest time now! Hehe! 

with darling mabs!!!


Sheila the best photographer helped me capture a few OOTD as we waited for Christine to get ready! 
Hollyhoque's Glamour Power Skater Dress in Maroon! I love the sequins and pearls best of this dress, afterall that's the highlight of this piece. Such an elegant and glamorous dress, it's hard to resist picking a piece. This dress also available in navy and white. You can get the dress online or in store now! (: 


ahhh so blur but left face has never been my angle but Sheila captured it well hehe!

It was raining heavily so we had to take Mabs's car to drive over from Far East Plaza. That's so far so near when it rains. Second time having high tea at Goodwood and I love it.

Established as a choice destination for English Afternoon Tea, L’Espresso is a cosy cafĂ© by day and a chic lounge by night, complete with a breezy poolside terrace area. This spacious and breezy terrace has also become an ideal location for wedding solemnizations. Since the 1970s, the English Afternoon Tea has earned a reputation for L’Espresso as the “place for elegant teatime pursuits”. The buffet spread is a dazzling assortment of dainty sandwiches, salads, savouries, pastries, desserts, chocolate fountain and of course, traditional English scones.

photo 3 (10)
Flower Tea without Caffeine for me!

photo 5 (10)
Ham and Cheese Croissants are really good!

photo 5 (11)

photo 5 (12)
Shrimp mini burgers

photo 5 (9)
Scones and lil sweet pastries

photo 4 (11)
pretty canapes!

photo 1 (14)
smoked salmon

photo 1 (16)
more croissants cause it's so good!

photo 3 (11)
food for 4 ladies!

photo 5 (8)

The spread is really good. There was so much food and we were spoilt for choice. Lucky it was buffet or we would have spent a bomb haha! Ended the afternoon with our group photo reflection shots lol! (: 


Goodwood's High Tea Buffet starts at 2PM and ends at 5.30PM on weekdays, costs $45++ per person.

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