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Nail fix!

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Went to TNS to have my nail fix. This time we have Melody with us instead of just Sheila and I! (:
Dropped by Hollyhoque to pick up a new dress before my nails appointment. I was on time, as usual.

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me with 2 mannequins of new arrivals

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my pinky ring from hollyhoque!!!

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I decided to go for a happier, youthful nail design. So here's Pups and Bows for you, all the dog lovers! Mabs did such a great job in drawing the detailed doggies and little bow on it's neck. Thanks Mabs for the pretty doggies and patience hehe. You can get this set at SGD$50 for gelish manicure and SGD$55 for the nail art. More pictures in my next post! (: 

And my toes, fresh purple shade this time round.

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You must be thinking what was i thinking and got two different shades of purple for each feet! It's actually the same color!! This is the new technology of nail varnish that changes colors based on temperature and mood. Awesome right??? This set is at SGD$55 for usual gelish and SGD$15 add on for this mood change varnish. It's like paying 1 price for 2 colors. 

And some shots of my ootd! 

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Ztyle of The Day
Querida Lessie Dress: Joifeth
Promo: Quote ZOE8 for 8% off except mix and match. Join Share the Joy Draw to win $20 discount vouchers. 
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Taiwan

This piece has all the praise in the world. My colleagues were complimenting how good it looked when I wore it to office. The material is fab though in white and it also comes in 2 other colors with heart shaped polka dots instead, aww so cute! 

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All dressed up! Sheila and I were invited for dinner at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant at Gardens by the Bay. We planned our Snowflake sessions on the same day so we could head there together! Happy to be meeting up so much with this girl! (: Will blog about awesome food tomorrow! :D


I was wearing Peek at my Waist midi for the evening. I know this dress was launched like so long ago but I didn't have any occasion to wear it! It's still available in it's last pieces in black here! Don't wait anymoreee (: 

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Didn't take many pictures this time round because I was afraid you would be bored of me taking the same old pictures of my face ): So please see below for the updated price list for Snowflake Permanent Hair Removal sessions at Revive Wellness. The previous promotion prices are now expired.

Ala Carte
First Trial
8 Sessions for $888 + mystery gift (Eye serums to masks)!
10 sessions for $388
½ leg or full arm
Full leg
Upper lip
10 sessions at $288 (U.P. $1280)

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Anonymous said...

Zoe, why don't you dare to post and answer my question? I hope you realize what a prick melody is towards you. And how she suck up to Sheila to get her clothes fix