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Koh Grill & Sushi Bar


With Melody! She drove us to dinner again! Hehe! Ignore my unsightly baby hair. I find it sooo annoying and there was once that I complained to a friend about them and he replied, you must be glad that you are still growing hair! Lololol! 

Our new favorite spot to take ootd is Sheila's office compound. They have one of the best lightings we can find! (: I was wearing this Classis Twist Dress in Colbat Blue from Hollyhoque! (:

photo 1

Honestly speaking, the dress didn't look so good on it's own. But after donning on the piece, it is a total different story. The cutting and design of this piece is really elegant, all in the high collar necklace. My soft spot when I shop for clothes!

photo 2

photo 3
What an outstanding color!

Mel, Nic, Sheila and I headed to Koh Grill and Sushi Bar for dinner at Wisma Atria. This is like such a popular place ever since Brad and Melody posted pictures of their shiok maki on Instagram. I have been seeing friends and bloggers posting pictures of them and their sushi there! 


Thank god that we made a table reservation! The place is FULL by 8PM! Highly recommended to make a table reservation or be prepared to wait. We were there on a weekday and the queue was already madness.

Melody helped us with the ordering as she is a frequent patron there now.


The highlight of our dinner at Koh Grill is their Shiok Maki (S$16.80)! Each piece of maki was creamy, moist and full of flavors. Unagi and avocado wrapped in a seaweed roll, covered with a gratinated Aburi Salmon with a Mayonnaise sauce and topped with flying fish roe. All my favorite ingredients in 1 maki.

photo 4
Salmon Sashimi which were very fresh!

photo 5
Grilled sticks!


with Melody! (:

Realized that I didn't take many photos during dinner. And cause it was just the 4 of us, we didn't order too much but it was really filling. We left the restaurant very satisfied. The bill worked to around SGD$90 for the 4 for us! Very affordable. 

Went back just a few weeks ago with my colleagues! Got to let them try the shiok sushi!! Cause there were more of us, I got to order more food to try hehe!

photo 3 (2)
Welcome back Jermaine!!!!! I LOVE YOU! ((((:

photo 1 (3)
Pitan Tofu with roe for appetizer

BEST TOFU EVER! Mel told me that I have to order this when I am there. Thanks Mel!!! ((((:

photo 1 (2)
Shiok Maki

photo 2 (3)
Pitan Maki!

Melody recommended this but we didn't order it the other time because Sheila doesn't like Pitan- Century Eggs. The Pitan sauce was so good we cleaned up the plate haha! In my opinion, I prefer this to the Shiok Maki because it isn't too creamy so not gelak after 1-2 pieces of sushi. Definitely ordering this again the next time! 

photo 2 (2)
more Grilled sticks to share!

photo 1 (1)
Chap Chai

The Chap chai was good! We are used to having vegetables for meals so we ordered 2 different vegetables. So healthy right? 

photo 5 (1)
Bean Sprouts

photo 4 (1)
Black Pepper Beef

photo 3 (1)
Garlic rice

Everyone enjoyed their lunch. We all agreed that the Pitan Sushi and tofu were the best there! As I am writing this post, I am salivating, I NEED TO GO BACK TO KOH GRILL!!! 

Koh Grill and Sushi Bar
Singapore 238877
435 Orchard Road #04-21
Wisma Atria
Tel: 9180 3805

And ootd was a really old tube dress from Hollyhoque! If you have been a fan of Hollyhoque since they started, you would have seen or own this classy piece too! I wish they make more bustier tube dresses!!! (: 

photo 4 (2)

photo 5 (2)

Ending the posts with more pictures of us in the ladies! hehehe!

All of us in Hollyhoque!!! (:

All of us in cui shoes except Nic!! 



And 2 shots of me twirling around in the Classis Twist Dress in Colbat Blue from Hollyhoque!!!! The dress comes in 2 other colors, please go get a piece or try it at Hollyhoque boutique at FEP #01-31. I promise that you won't regret! (:



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Anonymous said...

Why is Melody always so mean to you? Do you regret introducing her to Sheila? Now she seems so close w Sheila, always saying Twinnie and all on Instagram with hearts and icons. While she used words on you, when you both used to be so close. Don't you think she's snatching away your best friend? And trying to beat you at marketing for Hollyhoque?