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I love you, Zyan!!!

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Spent my Saturday with Zyan! Teehee such happy and tiring day playing with a baby! Kudos to all the young parents who watch and play with their ever active babies! (:

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So Zonia and I took an hour journey to the East for baby Zyan. We had a quick lunch at Sakae Sushi, Whitesands, before heading over to Jing's place.








We looked like we ordered too much for just the 2 of us! haha! We shopped at Whitesands a little, bought clothes for Zyan before going to the bus interchange to take a bus to Jing's.

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Ztyle of The Day
Cut Out Blouson in Blue: Tint
Denim Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Hollyhoque

This top sure has a unique and sexy design and yet its cut out design does not expose bra at all! This piece is slightly too loose for me, will fit a UK8-10 better, do look at the website for exact measurements! (:


So we reached Jing's and entered the room with a sleeping baby...

Zyan stretching!

but he woke up soon after. Zyan is a easy baby! He doesn't cry, he laughs a lot and he allows anyone to carry him!!! (: And he doesn't wake up grouchy like usual babies and me and you, he wakes up with smiles and laughters! Woohoo!

he likes me to kiss me hehehe!

As Jing prepared the bag for Zyan for gai gai, Zonia and I continued camwhoring with Zyan hehe!


Such a natural!

wahaha Zyan with Zonia. What is your tongue out for? (:

Zyan with Zonia's moazy!

Zyan is 7 months old now and teething. He puts Moazy's nose and anything protruding into his mouth haha! 

shock face

and still shock face

Zyan is one of the few babies i see with so many expressions and poses, ever since he was a few months old. And so, the 3 of us took Zyan to gai gai. It was my treat to Zyan's very first swimming lesson! He had so much fun and kicked like crazy. Zyan is a natural in the water!

Too many shots now, so I will post Zyan's first swimming class in the next few posts!!! Mad cute!! (:


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Breakfast in office! We love the NTUC Extra downstairs because we no longer have to spend a lot of money for breakfasts! (:

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Breakfast for 4! 

Wraps, Salad, Salad dressings, Chicken, Cheese, Gyoza and Pears! (: 

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Our office also bought air fry cooker for us so we can eat healthier! The gyoza looks a little odd because it's not deep fried but it tastes just as good and no oily feeling! (: 

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So healthy!

I always prepare breakfasts because I enjoy doing these k poh things haha! Plus I'm the only girl in the team. I really hope we get another colleague we all love back so I won't be the only girl anymore ):

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Ztyle of The Day
Vanetia Off Shoulder Top: Joifeth
Promo: Quote ZOE8 for special 8% off on all alacarte items for 1st launch excluding Mix and Match deals.
Skirt: Hollyhoque
Shoes: Taiwan

It's rare to be able to find such off shoulders tops these days. This is my 2nd such top and I love it! It doesn't show off too much skin while allowing you to flaunt those shoulders! (: 


Off for lunch with some of my colleagues and Jermaine! Jermaine came back to visit hehe! (: 


So lucky! Cause she's back so many people meet her to have lunch!!! We love you, Jermaine! You know what to do wahaha! (: 

We dined at Changi City Point's Hong Kong Cafe. The place is really understaffed during lunch hour! There's only 1 person serving, 1 clearing tables and 1 cooking. Our food took so long to come, from not hungry become famished! 

Wanton Mee Soup

Wanton Mee Dry

Ja Jiang Mian

Pork Cutlet Noodles

Beef Ribs Rice

My sesame paste with yam cake

Mango Pomelo with Carrot Cake

Besides a lack of service, the food there is not bad and cheap. Each meal comes with a option top up for a hot/cold dessert and a carrot cake/ yam cake. All of us upgraded for a dessert and only paid about SGD$8 per person! 

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