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CreaTeaf Waffles.


CreaTeaf Waffles is a new block in town! Having newly opened on the 1st Dec 2012 at The Cathay, I am really happy to be invited down for a tasting with my family and also got a promo code for the readers here! If you follow me, you would know that I am a sucker for waffles with ice cream! (:

Waffles set at CreaTeaf!

With Zonia!

Daddy, Mommy and Zonia (:

I took a walk around the cosy restaurant/cafe. I was attracted to this rack of pretty boxes and little bottles. 


CreaTeaf imports their own tea leafs from all over the world! It is rare that a restaurant now will spend so much time on their tea menu, bringing the best tea leaves to us from all over the globe. 

Flower Tea is one of my favorite tea choice!

My family and I ordered 2 savory waffles, 2 sweet waffles and 3 tea drinks to share. There was about 10 different waffles types but a very extensive drink menu.

Blueberry Roselle Tea Sangria

Peach Roselle Tea Sangria

These 2 cups of ice blended tea are heavenly. It's rare to see places serve their ice blended made of real fruits and not just flavoring now. You can see seeds of the fruits! If i were to choose just 1 drink, I would pick the peach drink. It's less sweet and I love the taste of peach more. 

We were just going to settle on 2 ice blended tea drinks when Angelia recommended a hot tea. She was telling me it's one of their most popular tea and there's coffee art. Hehe I love coffee art and pictures will look good! :D

Roasted Tea Latte with cute Monkey coffee art

Roasted oolong tea topped with frothed milk. I have never had such nice latte before. I am not a fan of coffee so this really works for me. The tea is so fragrant, you can't stop at 1. Mommy and I agreed that it is really good. I will just go back to CreaTeaf for this cup of Roasted Tea Latte!

me with the cute monkey! (:

Chicken Sausage and Floss


This is my favorite waffles combination. Sausage and floss.  The usual savory waffles are softer because of the ingredients but this waffle is really crispy and I love my waffles crispy!!! 


Chicken Ham and Cheese


Of the 2 savory waffles, the Chicken Sausage and Floss is my favorite. And now is the sweet waffles! ((:

Blueberry Lemon

Belgium Waffles with Blueberries, Dazzled with homemade lemon sauce and a scoop of premium ice cream. CreaTeaf Waffles makes their own ice-cream, as they want the taste to blend in with the waffles best. I had my favorite Rum and Raisin. Oh boy, it's good. 


Besides yummy waffles, the presentation is really good. CreaTeaf really spends time making each waffle look like a million bucks. 

Banana Chocolate

Belgian Waffles with Banana, homemade Chocolate Sauce and 1 scoop of premium ice cream. This time round, we chose Zonia's favorite Cookies and Cream ice cream. She only eats this flavor when it comes to ice cream and if Zonia says this is good, it has to be good! (: 

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You can also order just 1 scoop of ice cream at $3.50 each. The prices are extremely affordable considering the location of the restaurant. We can never find $9.90 waffles, $12.90 for waffles and $4.90 for tea drinks drink in Orchard. CreaTeaf are working to expand their savory menu! Very soon, they will be launching waffle burgers and waffles all day breakfast sets! That's when I will be back again! ((:

Background of the name CreaTeaf Waffles 
Owners wants to incorporate the "Tea" in the name as both ( Jimmy and Angelia) are both Tea and Waffles lovers. To make the pronounciation sounds like "Creative Waffles" too. CreaTeaf imports their own tea leafs from all over the world (India, China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam). 

CreaTeaf is focused on serving quality specialty tea and coffee, as well as delicious sweet and savory waffles. They believe quality drinks and food do not need elaborate apparatus and brand. Simplicity and back to basic delivers the best result. CreaTeaf believe that Quality does not mean "Expensive". Therefore, they bring to us the best with affordable pricing. 

Above the reasonable pricing, Jimmy and Angelia threw in a 10% off total bill upon quoting "ZoeRaymond", Valid till 31st Mar 13! (:

Ending the post with Angelia, the pretty lady boss of this exciting new venture! Thank you for having us over! See you very soon! (: 

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CreaTeaf Waffles 
2 Handy Road Level 1, #01-02 
Singapore 229233
The Cathay

For eateries who may like to feature your restaurants here, may like to drop me a short write up about what you offer at! (:

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And outfit for the weekend is Floral Printed Joy Frock in Black from Hollyhoque! And cyan colored carousal necklace and flower ring from past advertisers for the day (:

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Anonymous said...

ThKs for the recommendation,got 10% discount too..the waffle is good,I like cheese sausage waffles the most!