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Flea with For Flea Sake!


This is such a backdated post, I am so sorry and thank you for being patient with me. Work has been really busy and I haven't been prompt on the blog. Anyway, remember I was sharing that I did my second flea last month at Scape, Cineleisure? (((: This flea, I had it with my sister, Zonia and Melody! Everyone should know Melody by now huh? She's one of the sweetest girl I have met. My Virgin flea was also with For Flea Sake and dated 2011 woah! So that is more than a year back now. Thank you, For Flea Sake for having us back! (:


Here goes! Zonia and I spent a day filling this luggage with our clothes, preparing for the flea. We didn't dare bring too much cause we were afraid that response wouldn't be too well cause it was still one of the days of the Lunar New Year. How we dreaded bringing back clothes that we couldn't clear after the flea really sucked. Most of the clothes that afternoon were Zonia's, so I was basically there to help my sister earn some quick moolahs!

with darling sister in matching casual white tops!

Melody brought 4 hugeeee bags of clothes to sell off as well! That girl, should stop shopping right now. It's scary how someone can buy so much clothes and still keep buying. She had wanted to shop around the flea stalls that afternoon too. Brad told her to go around without her wallet and I say that she was there to sell off clothes AND NOT to buy more clothes. Lol, Mel was a good girl that day HAHA!

Woahhh! This was our firsts customers!

This group of ladies, mothers, daughters and friends actually caught us before we made it up to our booths and asked if we were selling clothes. We were like yes!!! soon! Hahahaha! And we actually saw them upstairs, waiting for us to set up. 

We started very neatly, Mel's on one side and Zonia's and mine on the other. But in no time, it was all messed up! So we ended up selling together in bundles to clear off as much as possible. 



Mel- the top sales person lolol!

Mel- the superstar flinging her hair lolol!

And some of you came to take pictures with us! Thank you for those who saw my tweets and sent me the photos! (:



Both so pretty and slim!!! xxx

We had fun selling off clothes and taking a lot of pictures lol! 

Melody with her boyf and best friend, Zhaopeh!

group photo of all present at the booth!!! (:

blurry shot with my sister!

comfy and casual ootd

Mel- so small already still hiding! irritating!

The timing given was actually 12PM-8PM but we had things on so we were there from 2PM till 7PM and we sold almost all of our clothes!!! Melody sold sold most of her clothes and we all left happy girls and richer hahaha! 


Meanwhile... do check out their website for upcoming Flea Calendar. With all the easy access to buying clothes from blogshop these days, we end up buying so many clothes that we hardly even remember and wear. You may want to drop by to shop for some cheap clothes or even set up your own stalls at just SGD$40 for a day and SGD$70 for 2 days. Download their iPhone app (For Flea Sake) and enjoy 5% off single day booth rental when you send them the screenshot along with your booth enquiry or booking confirmation.

Thank you, For Flea Sake for having us back! Can't wait for my next flea already xxx

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Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

may I know where did you get your white top?

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

may I know where did you get your white top?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe mai I know where did Sonia get her necklace tat she wore to the flea? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, may I know where did Sonia get her necklace that she wore at the flea?thanks

eatateeden said...

Hi Zoe,
just wondering, were those clothes brand new or used?
i'm trying to find a place where i can sell used clothes.
thank you!