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Goodwood Park Park Porridge Buffet.

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After nails and shopping with Sheila, went to the boutique to pick up the clothes and bag she got for me from the office. Head to toe for dinner is in Hollyhoque items. 

The basic Jade Cool Shoulder Tee Dress is now available in the boutique and online. This dress is so comfy to be in after office hours, weekends and school!

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And this bag is an upcoming manufactured piece from Hollyhoque. Heard that stocks have arrived and you can get your hands on one of this at the boutique! (: 

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Mabs and Christine also came to the boutique to pick some new clothes and we were off for dinner. It was already 8PM and we were super famished. Sheila wanted to have porridge at Goodwood Park Hotel so there we were. Plus it's just next to Far East Plaza! :D 

Mabs was skeptical about porridge because she says it's for sick people lol. I love porridge so I am happy to be there. Coffee Lounge serves Taiwanese porridge. 


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I do not think the place needs reservations. The place was pretty empty the two times that I am there. 



Taiwan Porridge is at $38++ per adult and $19++ per child. 

Braised Nuts

Pomfret with black bean sauce.

Prawns with Dried Chilli

Every serving is for 2 pax and other than the fish and prawns, everything can we ordered as many times as you like! Christine is a fish lover so she felt that the fish isn't fresh, oh well! I still love it! (:

Taiwan Sausages

Sheila's favorite! She ate almost all of it lol! 

Mei Chai Ko Rou

French Beans

Chye Poh Omelette

My favorite dish for porridge meals! I can just have plain porridge with a Chye Poh egg! :D 

Sambal Kang Kong

Black Pepper Beef

Bean Curd

Shrimp Paste Chicken- Ha chong kai

One of my other favorite! I like the one with a lot of skin cause it's so crispy!!!

Ginger Chicken

And all these dishes with our sweet potato porridge.


Porridge is smooth but the thing should be improved on is the sweet potato. There's very little served, like such bits and pieces unless requested and the sweet potato is not sweet at all- tasteless in fact. Oasis still serve the best sweet potato porridge in my opinion. 

Here's what we ordered for 4 ladies. Lol! We ordered basically just 1 item per category but it's already such a spread! 


And the whole night we were just doing this...

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Group shot! (:

The buffet also includes desserts. And if you were thinking must not be much desserts since it's a porridge buffet what, you are wrong! 

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me in comfy dress!


photo 3 (45)
Happy christine who loves desserts!

Pineapple Crumble Tarts!

Apple Pie

White Chocolate with strawberry!

Bread butter pudding.

Hot sweet bean curd with barley and quail eggs

bobo hitam!

There's also ice cream! Mabs was saying the ice cream is really good. She had two bowls! I didn't get to see what flavors they have. Coffee Lounge is really awesome to serve so many desserts, hot and cold!

my plate

Aside from the Pineapple Crumble Tart and colorful layered kueh, i didn't like the rest. The one with corn is one of my favorite kueh at Bengawan Solo! 

Christine's bobo hitum!

Sheila's Tao Ke

Goodwood Park Hotel is full of mirrors! So we took a few reflection shots! (:

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The well-loved Taiwan porridge is a signature offering at the Coffee Lounge that diners have come to enjoy over the years since its inception in 1984. The Taiwan Porridge menu has become a popular mainstay at the Coffee Lounge where diners have consistently returned to enjoy the dining experience of top quality and traditional Taiwan Porridge fare at reasonable prices. 

Guests can eat to their hearts’ content from a sumptuous high tea buffet spread of more than 20 popular local snacks, mains and desserts. It is a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon with family and friends. Website

Coffee Lounge
22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221
Goodwood Park Hotel
Tel: 6730 1746

Breakfast: 6am – 10.30am
Lunch: 12noon – 2.30pm 
Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm 
Local High Tea: 3pm – 5.30pm 

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