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Be a Fashionista; Review Edition lll

Christmas bells ringing in 3 weeks time! Christmas gives us all an excuse to buy more pretty clothes, isn't it?

I have yet again collaborated with 16 online stores to bring you this post; Be a Fashionista; Review Edition lll for Christmas shopping. We have decided to do this posting this weekend so you girls get sufficient time to think over which to buy home! Also have it mailed over without hitting the peak mailing season with chance of receiving your Christmas dresses too late! (:

Before I start this exciting post, I would like to say the order of blogshops are not based on credit but alphabetical order!

First up is Charisma Love!


Besides shopping for pretty clothes, we need to spice up the outfits with accessories So I was introduced this Delicate Multi Pearl Necklace and it cost just $12. It will look great with almost any outfits and best compliment black and white.



I also wore the piece as a bracelet by twirling it around my wrist! The necklace is complete with pearls and gold chains, making the look classy and edgy all at the same time. Promo: First 10 to purchase 3 items will be entitled for a free gift.

Spice up with Charisma Love

We also have Covert Closet bring us this Sleeved White Lace Dress which is really dainty!


Mommy had all raves for it when I showed it to her. I'm like Mommy cause we are suckers for lace pieces. The dress has contrasting gold buttons and I love my white with gold.


Perfect dress to meet the boyfriend's family for a nice dinner. To add on the dainty look, i threw on pearls accessories! Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for direct $5 off this manufactured piece and $2 off other pieces.

Laces Galore by Covert Closet.

This is the only top featured for this launch. Joylocke Reversible Top is from Dandzelia.


The top comes with a matching detachable sash to accentuate your waist. If your parties are to the best friends', this will be comfy to be in. Like the name explains, this top can be worn two ways. That's like 2 tops at the price of 1! (:


Playing board games and having good chats. I wore this top out immediately after the shoot cause it's so comfortable to be in. Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for $1 off each purchase. Valid till 31 Dec. Not applicable to sales items. 

Casual dayouts with Dandzelia.

Yes! I recently posted this dress for a photoshoot post. This Structured Pleated Toga Printed Dress is from De Owlet.


I liked it so much and we chose it for this Be a Fashionista; Review Edition lll posting. The dress is off light summer colors and fits me like a glove. The toga accentuates figure really well, you will love it!


The toga comes in a few more designs which are of darker colors. So if you prefer the clothes darker for the slimming effect, do check out their website! 

Toga babies from De Owlet.

Next up is another sweet colored dress; Maggie Side Trimmed Flare Flock from Gingerbelle!


This dress is for girls who prefer their dresses slightly looser and I would think this is really sweet for work days too. The pleats accentuates bust and good for the less well-endowered.


Another piece to consider if you are meeting the boyfriend's family. Nothing much you have to accessorize cause it looks so good on it's own already, i threw on some simple pearl accessories. Promo: Enter Zoe005 for 5% off.

Pleats with Gingerbelle

One of my favorite pieces in this Be a Fashionista; Review Edition lll is this Adeline Maxi Asymmetrical Dress from Hana Secret.


It's yet again the only maxi feature and Zonia wants to share it with me after seeing how good it looks. We love halter and black are made for year end parties!


I wore a bling necklace to give the outfit more elegant no matter the occasion! In fact, a simple necklace is enough to add more style to your look! Get yours with this attractive Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for $1.50 off.

Classy maxi dresses by Hana Secret!

Joyne Pearl Shoulder Dress is from my friend, Angela, who runs Lace and Ebony.


It's not the first time featured on this space. They bring us another sweet yet classy number. The dress, though black, it's neatly hand sewn with delicate pearls at shoulder.


I love the skater dress design cause it makes one look princessy! Visit their website to see more close up shots of the details! Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for $1 off the dress.

Princessy with Lace and Ebony.

Lollipop Bestie is one of the first online stores which I worked with when I first started online shoots.


They sent me halter lace dresses named Larencia Lace Dress! I am not wrong to say dresses because they sent me an electric blue and pink piece cause they want me to feature something I love.


I wore the pink because I tend to be the girly girl to friends and so if you like this dress but a little cooler, blue is for you! Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for 10% off.

Frocks from Lollipop Bestie.

This Abril Lace Dress from Miss Monday 2007!


They were so nice to collaborate with me yet again! I was sent this cut in black/white lace overlay dress for year end parties.


A manufactured number, the dress comes in 2 other colors! I matched the outfit with some gold accessories like a necklace and bracelet so it livens the dark piece. Promo: Quote ZR for free postage.

Dainty Lace piece from Miss Monday 2007.

We also have Passion Chiffonier in the house!


It's a happy colored Pleated Skater Dress! I think the dress can be worn with pleats in front or at the back so i decided to throw the pleats behind!


Besides the love for happy colors, this dress is of length of petite girls! I wore the dress with clashing colored belt and wedges to bring up pop colors! Promo: Quote "Zoe' to be entitled to 15% off.

Pop Colors with Passion Chiffonier!

Another accessory feature is this Merry Snowman by Tangem.


Merry Snowman is made of sterling silver and crystals! It will be a perfect gift for family and friends, though I think every girl will want it for herself cause it's so cute and shiny!



The accessories are nicely packed in this beautiful box, all ready to make a smile on someone's face. Usual price is $28 now at only $22.40! Promo: Just key in ' Christmas' at checkout to enjoy 20% Storewide Christmas discount.

Shop for crystals gifts at Tangem!

This is another online store, The Design Closets which I first worked with when I started doing online photoshoots!


The owner sent me their manufactured Cream V-Neck Ruffles Dress. This is one of my favorite dresses in this post because though it's light colored, it's non-sheer at all!


I love white+gold and so i wore a pair of gold heels from TopShop, gold dangling necklace and a gold bracelet! I would wear this dress for a Christmas dinner date and also to work as well! Promo: Enter TDC10ZOE for 10% off all non-promotional items. Valid till 9 Dec.

Classy Manufactured Dresses from The Design Closets!

We have this Leah Bejeweled Shift Dress from The Friday Best.


Having featured time a couple of times now, i am glad to feature them for this review once again! Here's another dress with pearls details, this time at collar! 


The dress is slightly too loose for my frame and best fits UK8-10 in my opinion! That's pretty dresses for the rest too! This piece is also longer than the rest here so great for lanky frames too. Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for 10% off.

Dresses for everyone at The Friday Best!

Next up is The Paused who is the only bag online store feature here today.


I love this piece so so much because it's this bag spells VINTAGE! Paused USA Retro Bag comes with a sling as well so there's two ways to bring this bag around. Perfecto for weekends!



Matched this bag with a few outfits in this post cause it's so versatile and stands out! I am pretty fussy with bags so i will highly recommend this bag! Promo: Buy 1 apparel and quote Zoe Raymond to get 15% off.

Unique bags at The Paused!

Up next is TeaceyLove with their very own Multi Studs Dress.


This studded piece is really edgy and it's one I would highly recommend if you are spending your Christmas partying with friends. I find it very sexy and cause it's really stretchy, it will fit many well.


Here's two shots of me standing to show you the beauty of this number. Matched the dress with a simple black heels and you are good to go! Promo: Quote Zoe10 for 10% off total bill.

Go Studs with TeaceyLove.

Last but not least, we have Workaholic Collections bringing us this Flower Garden Dress number.


You will agree with me that this piece is very refreshing. The embroidery flowers are such beauty details and complete with scallop trimmings. 


This is a piece I would wear to lunch dates with my girlfriends. I like to think that this dress is something I would like to get for Lunar New Year too because of the embroideries! Get yours today! Promo: Enter ZOE10 for 10% all items. Valid till 31 Dec.

Dainty and Sweet with Workaholic Collections!

Hope you seen something or two which you fancy for Christmas! Have a great weekend and shop away now! (:

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