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Visiting Korea, Day Four.


Day started with dressing myself up with Unparalleled Perfection Knit Top in Dusty Pink from Hollyhoque! Love the write up on their website about this top; The cutout shoulder detail adds a little edginess to this wardrobe staple and you’ve got a breezy basic for all of your lovely looks.relaxed.

The morning started with some shopping at the Lotte Supermarket. We bought some Kimchi and Melvin was nice enough to have us carry back to Singapore as only Veron, Eugene and I extended the trip by another 2 days. 


This Kskimchi sell the best kimchi we think. So we got a few kilos back! This is really worth buying so you may want to get some of these if you visit Korea! 

blurry shot but that's my new earrings which cost only $4! (:

I realized that I haven't really taken pictures of the hotel lobby so here goes.

Beautiful Pianist playing some nice songs


the breakfast area

photo 1 (30)
Top from Hollyhoque
Jeans from Cotton On
Bag from Hollyhoque's boutique!
Boots from Taiwan

photo 2 (26)

photo 4 (41)
solo shot of my HH bag! HEHE!

photo 3 (27)

And 1 last shot with Melvin before they boarded the bus to the airport! Veron, Eugene and I also checked out of Hotel Lotte and headed to a friend's house for home stay. It's my first time doing a home stay so boy! We were excited! (: 

We were greeted by a tall mother and cute daughter who showed us some photos when we unpacked and rest a bit.

photo 1 (31)

photo 5 (34)

She has a bakery just 5 minutes walk away from her place called Tous les Jours.


It's really comfortable to just sip coffee and eat bread or cookies there. We spent rather much time there during the home stay (:





Korea has the kilocalorie written on every food they sell! Sinful or what?

pretty cakes!

So many of them! 


photo 3 (26)
Hello cutie!

photo 2 (25)

The home is really near to shopping centres, just 10 minutes walk to another Lotte Departmental Store and Lotte Plaza.



We didn't buy anything much. Just walked the levels! We came across this huge bag which appeared on Running Man! 

photo 5 (33)

photo 2 (27)
Gary was carrying it in the Park Ji-Sung episode lol!

photo 4 (42)
Cute rubber boots!

photo 3 (28)
Hello Kitty Section!

We went back to the house for dinner. We were prepared super good Korean takeaway food!  

photo 4 (43)

photo 2 (28)
Spicy noodles and best Jajangmyeon!

photo 3 (29)

These are really some food that we don't get to eat as tourists. It's really good to do a home stay sometimes because you really learn more of their culture and food. Also, learn a little of the National Language! 

After dinner, we moved on to more shopping area! 


photo 5 (35)
Eugene and i took this photo cause it was lonely without melvin! ):

Again, we didn't buy anything much. Headed back to the bakery to play with the kid lolol! Also had supper there! 

photo 1 (32)

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