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Cupid Love & Galaxy by TNS.


Visited The Nail Status 2 weekends ago to have my nail fix! Pretty bumped that Sheila and I hasn't met for ages for our nail appointments now but really glad she's pretty much stationed in Far East Plaza now cause of Hollyhoque! Visit HH at #01-31 even you haven't! What are you waiting for? (: There, you get shop exclusive items that won't be online, and you get to don the pieces off before purchase!

Initial appointment was after work on Weds but I was free on the weekend so J attended to me instead of Mabs/ Christine who was tied down. J is very experienced as well and I was recommend their latest in-store design- Water Decal from Korea!

new Aigner Watch!


This is J!

Mabs and Christine flew over to learn this new nail technique to bring back for all of us! Wo men you ko fu le! (We are in for good stuff!) What i like about TNS is that they share everything that they learn with their staff, be it new or old! So almost all of them are well-trained and proficient in all services. 


There were tons of decal designs for me to pick and i was torn. There was Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie, Princess Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora and Victorian style designs and Cupid Angels!




Sugar Rush!


I was torn between having a mermaid on my nails or angels. I decided to go for Cupid Love this time!


J was very sweet to take out some of her personal nail stickers for me!!!

Pretty nails in progress!

Watching Nikita! (:


Gelish again!

Christine came over to look for me and we took a few photos! Teehee!



Mabs wasn't free so no photos which her. She was sooo busy, she had no time to take our tradition nails pictures for me. She is my photographer after my new set of nails are done! Next timeeee! (:

Instead of the usual single colored tone nail base, J had on 3 pastel tones for me! 


She had them diagonally  horizontally or vertically painted on for me. It was a lot of work for her because each color had to be painted on twice. So imagine the amount of work on a nail should say 1 nail had 2 colors. 2X2= 4 coats! Thanks J for being so patient, nicely touching up for me when I couldn't sit still at times and smudge them hehe. Are you guilty of moving around as your manicurist do pretty nails for you? (:


After the base colors were on, it was sticker time! J and I painstakingly chose each decal to be pasted on. The decals had to be cut out one by one and sticked on. Another step of tedious work for you. The nails are mainly of angels and flowers, hearts and little scribblings! (:

As my nails were being transformed, my pedicure was also nicely in place.


I wanted a set of nails of my favorite colors; pink and green. So I gave the idea of mixing the 2 colors together and we achieved a GALAXY set of toe nails! Teehee. I posted it on Instagram and many of you liked it!

pretty right! (:


nails completed!

photo 5 (11)

Cupid Love and Galaxy by TNS
Gelish Manicure: $50/ $45 Student, Dry Gelish Manicure: $35/ $30 Student
Nail Art Drawing: $50
(Promo Prices are valid till my next TNS set!)
Pedicure: $20, Gelish Pedicure: $50.
Far East Plaza, #04-69
Tel: (65) 68362005


photo 4 (11)
left hand!

photo 3 (12)
right hand!

Was in Hollyhoque's Pocketful Denim Dungarees which can be found here! (:

photo 1 (20)

photo 2 (15)

And another picture of the new watch that i like soooo much! :D

photo 2 (16)

And more pictures of my Galaxy Pedicured nails taken over the weekend! Looking at my new nails make me happy instantly! (:


with flash!

photo 4 (35)

photo 5 (22)
Gorgeous right? (:

Visit TNS for pretty nice now!!!! :D

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Hanna Lei said...

I love how they did your toe nails!

Joelyn said...

Hi Zoe,

May I know where u bought ur bag from? :) Thanks alot!!

Have a good weekend!