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Sawadee ka ~

Hello! Sorry i haven't blogged for the past few days! I just got back late last night from Bangkok! Was there to attend a media conference for Panasonic Beauty. It has been an exciting trip and i cant wait to share the goodies with you soon! :D

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Welcome Kit! :D

Flight back to Singapore was terrible because there was an hour half delay! Apparently there was some technical problems and the plane had to go back to the bay for the engineers to check! omg i know! 

Flight back was awesome because my primary school classmate, Germaine, was flying with us! :D :D 

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Germaine and Beatrice

Her colleague was very nice to help us take a shot! (: 

We didn't get to shop so we ended up buying stuff in the airport. Beatrice recommended this tom yum rice cookies which is dope!!!! 

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Sticky Rice with Mango for Zonia (:

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Work starts today! :D

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Back to my salad breakfast routine!

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I didn't know Nutri Tea Barley comes in such big cartons!!!!

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My breakfast- Salad, Prune and Barley!

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Ztyle of The Day
Royal Premium Satin Bustier Dress in Wine Red: Let's Button Up
Promo: Enter ZOERAYMOND001 for 10% off + Accumulate wrappers for discounts. More here. Like+share fb for updates and promos! Free shipping for orders above S$50.
Long Wavy Lapel Blazer: Xhysteria
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Bugis Village

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ootd matches my abacus corporate colors!!!

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And my new colleague, Adam, made me happy! HEHE! He got so many snacks for our sales and marketing snack corner! :D



Here's to share a new online store,Vettes Label, which i recently collaborated with! Their clothes are very much for nice dinner pieces which I think is pretty affordable and best of all, manufactured! 

First up, is this flora bustier dress which can be worn as a halter or tube! Yes! The straps are detachable by buttons, not hooks. 


The dress comes in another red print too! 


Intricate lace dresses in black or white!

And another favorite is this backless dress for dinners or parties! I didn't have to wear a nu-bra for this dress and i think it's really convenient! 


The dress also comes in two colors and cause they are sooo beautiful, im sure you can see why i'm torn between these two shades. 


The last manufactured item for grab is a blazer! The blazer is complete with flora prints on the underside and we can flash the sweet design simply my folding up the sleeves. 

I really think this is good because we can wear it sleeves down for corporate hour and sleeves a little up for casuals! 


Colorful floral prints


And like the other 2 designs, the blazer comes in another color too! (: 

Here's staple black for you! 


Shop Vettes Label

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Anonymous said...

Where you bought the salad from?

Daphne Tok said...

Hi Zoe may I know where you got your silver peep toe heels from?It's gorgeous((:

Anonymous said...

hi did u make the salad urself? :)