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Salad Bar.

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It's the weekend!!! :D

Big ass shot of my face lol! Just a short entry of my week.

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Ztyle of The Day
My Pleated Waist Dress in Green: Covert Closet
Belts: Bugis Village
Owl Bangle in Pink and Twisted Bangles in Red Snake: Maiden Charms

It's the 2nd green colored dress feature of this post! But i'm in love with the color! I had a set of clashing belts on and i think it looked really good, length is just right for work. This pleated waisted dress is such a beauty and it will fit a UK8 best! 

Also got myself new accessories! You just got to agree with me that chunky bangles is dope! I haven't worn a simple, thin bangle for ages now because you practically can't see it. Here's a new owl bangle and set of twisted bangles. 

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Love the combination of a loud pink with thin gold ones!

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Owl very much reminds me of Zyan cause he's always wide awake at nights! 



Off to work!! Day start with shots in the lift lolol!

my new skirt with super bright flora embroideries at side!

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Electric blue is so nice!



Ztyle of The Day
Tank Top: Cotton On
Embroidered Pencil Skirt: Red Velvet Rose
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Bag: Coach
Shoes: Past Advertiser

Got to say this is my first electric blue work skirt and i love it! Because it is in such bright color, i feel happy instantly! It's pencil cut makes one look slender and curvy. I took the skirt in S and you will be glad to hear it comes in sizes! (:

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Lunch at Amoy with my colleagues. We had Salad Stop! 

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You can to choose 5 toppings, such as mushroom, corn, macaroni etc and then 1 main like chicken or beef! Complete with a dressing! (: And it cost $5.90-$6.90.

You would think it's not enough for a meal but it really is!!! I couldn't finish my meal and thankful i didnt order anything else. 

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Pasta is a must order should you feel vegetables are too little. I also had bread pieces as one of my toppings! I am unable to find the exact unit number of Salad Stop online. But it's not tough to locate should you want to go there. It's Amoy Street Food Market and on the Level 1. It's brightly lit and if you see a lot of slender women in the queue, that's the stall! (:

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Have a great weekend! (:

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