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Beauty Masks at just $1!

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White- has many kinds of plant extract essences added in as supplements for your skin. Helps to revitalize and rejuvenate delicate skin cells, restoring everlasting youthfulness.

Vanedo Korean beauty masks Masks from The White Potato! It's not my first time time featuring them here. The last time, i got 24 masks hehe. 1 of each type.


Yes! There are like 24 different types of Vanedo masks available and at just $1 each! I just got myself another 50 pieces cause they are really good. After every mask, I feel refreshed instantly and remarkably fairer. I like my masked chilled and I mask twice- thrice a week before I go to bed! (: 

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Pearl- Pearl masks has been renowned throughout Asia and in Traditional chinese medicine for it's age reversing properties and for making the skin softer, more supple and elastic.

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Hyaluronic Acid- Hyaluronic acid, a popular ingredient in skin care products like Hada Labo, moisturises and hydrates skin, thus helps in reducing wrinkles.

There's also Snail which is the #1 best seller in Korea and Japan and is raved by celebrities worldwide. Snail slime mask is one of the hottest thing right now in Korea and Japan and almost 500,000 masks are sold each day due to it's effectiveness and natural while gentle ingredients. For those who suffer from acne, snail slime helps to soften and dissolve existing scar lesions and damages issues, it also helps to restore collagen and elastic levels.

Best thing about this online store that sells these masks is that they share the benefits of each mask so we know exactly which to get for your skin type. 

Where to find masks at $1 each right? The masks are instock and only available at The White Potato! (:

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Did this post before I went to work!

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me in the office! :D

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And here's another ZOTD, everyone's favorite denim!

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Ztyle of The Day
Summer Breeze Work Shift Dress and The Adventure's Denim Romper: Gipsy Pixie
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for free normal postage.
Belt: Far East Plaza
White Spag: Forever 21
Bag: Coach

Been such awhile since i've featured GP here! But they are going strong and bringing shoppers regular launches. I recently bagged these 2 pieces. 1 for work and 1 for play! I love the clashing colors of the shift dress. Who knows that turquoise and navy can go so well together? 

The other one for play is everyone's favorite denim jumper! It's tough to get a denim jumper that fits well but im glad to say this fits me like a glove and it's adjustable! (:

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Going to have this on this weekend! :D :D

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Again i start with my favorite of Cozze Closet's collection! :D


This little black dress is a beauty. What i love best about this dress aside from it's petite sizing and length is it's criss cross details at waist! (:

Also expect some casual tops! 
white top with a light blue bib is definitely an easy top to pair with!


light denim loose top for feel fat days!

Also in this launch is bags!!! 

bag in orange

And also my favorite color of all, camel! (:

And they hear you! So here's more Pajamas shorts in all different colors and designs! :D

love this pink/ yellow flora shorts completed with lil pink polka dots at underside!

and 3 more!! 

Don't wait any longer, shop Cozze Closet! (:

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Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe! I wonder if you could share which skin specialist and how much does it cost for Zonia to get rid of back acne? I saw a comment once on your earlier blog post.. Please help!! Thank you!! >.<