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My Pastel Garden by TNS!


Had a shot for March Shop and got to thank Doris and Paul for picking me up and we went to the studio together! Teehee! Can't wait for Doris's lil baby boy to be out this October! I love babies!!! (:




And 1 last shot with Doris before we left Hendra's studio! 

Pretty mama! :D


After the shoot, went down to The Nail Status for a fresh set of nails! Super exciting because i have a set of nails in mind already, couldn't wait for it to be painted. Always trust the manicurists at TNS cause they always do such a beautiful job. This is what i call professionals who enjoy their work! (:



Above is a shot of the nail colors which are needed for my new set of nails! You must be wondering now. What set is this man, that needs so many colors!!! :D Know soon! 



Ztyle of The Day
Faye in Blue: The Mustard Custard
Promo: Enter zoe02 for $2 dollars off every purchase with free normal postage.
Bag: Prada

Flora prints has always been close to my heart. And so, I can never resist floral dresses, especially if they are manufactured and here's one which i wore yesterday to work! You can definitely have them on weekend day outs too!


new electric colors! super love!

Random shot of my lashes, using just 2 layers of heroine make mascara! (:

Didnt take much shots at TNS this time round, because everyone was so so busy! Mabs and Christine had appointments back to back! Miss the long bullshit funny chats with them!!! I will be back! lolol! :D 

Here's my new set of nails! :D 

Cuteeeeeeee pastel set! :D :D


Favorite is the finger with the grass and lil flower that is so well drawn! I am so impressed! The design spots the rest of the nails having light pink clouds! (: 



My Pastel Garden by TNS
Gelish Manicure: $50/ $45 Student, Dry Gelish Manicure: $35/ $30 Student
Nail Art Drawing: $45
Far East Plaza, #04-69
Tel: (65) 68362005


Picture 006

And here's the shoot, fresh from the oven! (: 


March Shop is now .com and here's my first and latest shoot with them since they migrated! :D

If you are following me on instagram (@zoeraymondtan) or twitter, you would have seen me in this set of their latest collection.

photo (3)
mustard x pale orange

This launch spots a lot of popular pop color jeans and cropped tops!

Started off with my favorite combo. Here's the other colors to expect.

Mustard/ burnt orange cropped top and pale orange/ yellow 3/4 jeans!

Was torn between the 2 colored cropped top and decided to go for the orange one because i've yellow a skin tone and i usually not choose yellow if i could, as much as i love the color! ):

Knitted shorts for grabs!

I wore this top both ways. The other way is with the drape at the back (as seen one very first shot)! This is another i bagged cause i love white essential tops! 

More bottoms for you should you prefer it all the way to the ankles!

We also got work dresses in this collection, that's of course.

Favorite lil black dress of the lot!

And a few more work dresses for the office ladies. These dresses are perfect, i must say, because they all accentuates curves!

There's also work skirts!

And last but not least, these 2 other work dresses that caught my eye!


The maroon one fits like a glove. And as for the nude colored one, it would fit a UK 8 better if you like it more fitting (:

Shop March Shop

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