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Daikokuya Ramen Dining/ FIVE Izakaya.


Took the family out for a dinner at Robertson Walk just a few days ago. This is my second time visiting  Daikokuya and by far, my favorite place to visit for ramen. Miharu is now second on the list. 


It may be a little tough to find the place because it's at a bend, at a corner! 


Daikokuya doesn't serve much ramen options like the usual so i was pretty lost at my first visit. Here's some shots of their simple menu.

Special Ramen, Ramen with extra Chashu and Flavored Egg.

Thick and Creamy Pork Broth


They serve 3 other types of Gyoza above the usual Original ones. 


Pictures before food was served!


With Zonia! (:

Cosy place

Bar seats


Ztyle of The Day
Luxe Satin Basic Top in Maroon: Piece of Cloth
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Basics are always so popular so i decided to get a piece myself for dress down days! The satin top is really easy to move around in and oh boy! It's really suberbly comfortable! (: 




3 Special Ramen, Ramen with extra Chashu and Flavored Egg and Lightly Salted Ramen

I love slightly burnt pork! (:

Original Gyoza- one of the best i've had.

If you are not exactly a fan of gyoza that meat smells to strong, Daikokuya's Gyoza fits the bill! 

Daddy! :D

Mama :D

Me Me!

Zonia! :D

photo (2)

Zonia's instagram shot of her Daikokuya's Special Ramen.

The prices are of usual Ramen prices and the bill came up to about $70 for 4 of us. Visit if you are in town (:

Daikokuya Ramen Dining
30 Robertson Quay
#01-05 Riverside 
Village Residences

Tel: +65 6737 1521



photo 1 (18)
Drinks with the sales team after NATAS on Friday. It's also to welcome our new team mate, Marcus! (: 

We headed to Five at Changi Business Park. We have since moved to the new building there and thankful for Five! :D 

photo 2 (18)
One group shot with melvin's wavering eyes!! 

Picture 007

Picture 008

Picture 011
Asahi Premium

Picture 012

Picture 017
OF course, ZOTD! :D

Picture 018

Picture 027
Most of the items at $5! :D

Picture 028

Picture 019
Ika Karaage

Picture 020
Ebi fry

Picture 021
Buta Shitake

Picture 031
Portobello Mushroom Salad

Picture 039
Garlic Fried Rice

Picture 022

Picture 023

Picture 024

Picture 025
Best Team Forever!

Picture 032

Picture 026

And i was a bit seh so i had a quick sleep. And when i woke up, its these pictures over group chat!!!

Picture 034

Picture 035
Eugene teasing

Picture 037
Marcus too!

Picture 036
and these 2 boys!

I'm posting the shots cause i look quite okay! HAHA! Angel when i sleep, devil when i wake! 

Went to change into a new outfit to go for dinner!

Picture 040

Picture 041

Ztyle of The Day
Blue whale in Ceil and Bengal in Tangelo: My Cats Whiskers
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Watch: BCBG
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Bugis Village

The top is such a cutie! It's hard to resist polka designs! It's really comfortable to be clad in that. and i would say good for feel fat days! The other dress is my favorite of the lot! It looks like a two-piece with belt but you would be happy to hear that its actually one set, at the price of one! :D 

Picture 043

FIVE Izakaya Bar
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#01-66/67 Singapore 486038
Changi City Point
Tel: 66048255

Picture 042

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It's been long since I heard about you and your boyfriend, is everything going well? :)

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