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Usaha Jaya for Curry Puffs!

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Another post on my weekend (:
Sunday was breakfast at Aljunied, sims drive! 

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with Zonia

Dropped by my friend's curry puff shop, Usaha Jaya Enterprise Pte Ltd at Blk 45, Sims Drive!
Have been wanting to visit them a few months now (:

Usaha Jaya Enterprise Pte Ltd

super a lot varieties!

It's my first time having a meal at a indian/muslim shop cause they usually don't carry so many items (:



mutton/ chicken curry puff

banana fritters

sardine epok epok

curry puff kentang

kentang epok epok



super generous portion of kentang and most importantly the skin is crispy, potato is not dry!!!


Went back to the shop to try the chilli! (:


It's a little spicy and sweet. Ian was saying the people love it with this chilli!

So here's what they carry and the affordable pricing!


A little background about this place.
One of the bosses actually sells these for 2 years sometime ago and he decided to come out and do this business again. They have got a dedicated team of staff who actually goes to the kitchen as early as 4am in the morning to prepare the ingredients. So we will always get freshly baked curry puffs. 

Ian actually buys the bananas himself and his team bakes them fresh everyday, just like all the other curry puffs in the shop! They do some deliveries so i highly recommend them if you want to have some of these for your functions! You may get some discount if you quote my name lolol! :D

Usaha Jaya Enterprise Pte Ltd
Blk 45 Sims Drive, #01-160

Definitely going there again to have more and recommending to my colleagues (:

Sundays are usually at home, resting for Monday.

photo 5 (5)

And did this collage when i was in bed! Teeheee!

Look at my new comforter! :D
It says Love at First Sight, XOXO Muacks. And there's also a big red heart!

Zonia paid some of the moolahs of this comforter for my birthday (:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, may I know where you got your coral lace shorts that you are wearing in this post? :)

Anonymous said...

Heyhey.. Itx from hollyhoque ! =]

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm a huge fan of the epok epok at Ushaya Jaya. I recently found out the shop's gone. You mentioned it's your friend's. Do you know if they've moved? Thanks, Sherwin.