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Around the Galaxy!

And then weeee! My skirt today is fab fab!!! It's the Around the Galaxy skirt from Hollyhoque!

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new shoes (:

Home to a new mint bag!


love how pink and mint goes together



And another new accessory for my iPhone teehee (:

apple! (:

Talking about Apple, had a great visit to Apple at AMK yesterday. The office is super big and they have a cafeteria like Ikea! and everything is cheap. Mixed vegetable rice is only $3, you can pick any 3 meat or vegetables! Laksa was aslo $3 and i had pizza and soup which serves 2 for only $6. I want to go there again ((:


Picture just didnt do justice to the apple! because the apple is really striking and it has a little shiny bling.

and the back of the apple has craved hearts (:


Got the Carine Vintage Sling Bag and Apple anti dust ear caps from Serendipity! (:

You can get the Around the Galaxy Skirt from Hollyhoque here! (:

And this new snack is super good. Melvin bought them from Isetan Scotts.

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Meiji! I think it's salt and pepper!

Not too sure what it says, but if you know jap, let me know! ((:

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Joey Kayvern said...

I saw you at Orchard today! Love your skirt :D

kiwi said...

it's pepper and mayo!

Dumpling Love said...

Hi Zoe, really like reading your blog! The skirt looks great on you and I love the galaxy pattern...nothing like what you find in the shops! Oh also, the snacks are macaroni - pepper mayo flavour.

Anonymous said...

it's pepper mayo!

Annie Maxx said...

Its pepper and mayo ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

Does the mint bag come with a shoulder strap?

thks - Mel

Anonymous said...

Your hair omg! Look v auntie on you.