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Mothers' Day Gifts! (:

Weeee! Mothers' Day is just around the corner, and if you have yet to decide what to get for Mama. I think this post is pretty helpful and in time! ((:


My friend founded Ameile Cupcakes decided to make cupcakes this year and offer to girls who's mothers love sweet desserts! 
I decided to get a box of 9 earlier so if you like them, it's in time to make an order.

I got this box just last night and couldnt resist taking at least 50 photos teehee
Here goes...

nicely ribboned box from Ameile

Told Mama this will be one of her Mother's Day present lolol! 
Mama slowly pulled off the ribbons and we were greeted by these 9 super girly cupcakes!

omgggg love the lil beads and hearts and swirls!


yummy! licked off the cream and took a bite, kept my favorite flowers for last! (:



I chose the Chocolate Chip flavored cupcakes in theme purple/white! And i was hesitating initially cause 9 seems a little too many. When Amanda told me they are smaller, i knew i had to get a box!

About the taste, i think it's great. The cake is soft and the choc chip are right at the bottom of the cup! The taste reminds me very much of Amos Cookies, oh i love that smell and taste! (:

Am sure you would want to know the other flavours available so here goes!

Regular flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate chip(yours), Matcha all with vanilla buttercream. 
Premium flavours: Salted caramel, Coffee, Rose (hot favorite) or Red Velvet with cream cheese (+3dollars)
Choice of colours: Theme of pink with white/peach and white/ purple and white


Ordering will end on 10 May and collection of cakes would be mass collection on 12 May (Sat)! So quick quick! ((:

A box of 9 regular Ameile Cupcakes cost $27 (:
Promo Quote Zoe Raymond to get $1 off! (:


Visit Ameile Cupcakes for more! :D

Also, cause i always do long hours shoots, i have been using these ampoules to help my makeup last longer (:
It not only helps my makeup look better, but it has more benefits which i will share shortly.


Got these ampoules from the same place which i got my facial masks.

these 2 pictures are to show that the ampoules are not oily (:


nicely in a box of 10 (:

i chose vitamin c and collagen repair ampoules!

Ampoules are good for skin. These tiny ampoules are so small that it could easily pass through the skin and gives the skin radiance. It strengthens the skin resulting in lesser acne, black heads and tightens pores. It regulates the skin giving it extra moisture, bringing colour to life skin and strengthens weak tissues.

It supports the skin's 28-day regeneration cycle, encouraging the skin to renew by itself. These ampoules are highly recommended by a lot of people. 

Ampoules benefits deep skin repair, active cells, increase resistance, anti-allergy and promote oil balance. 

Ampoules are able to reach deep moisturising skin and fat can inhibit the secretion of balance, the effect of convergence of the pores. It also provide sensitive skin a relief role in the makeup and effectively bring out bright and beautiful makeup. 


I had a makeup artist for the above collage! She used ampoule which helps my skin look more radiant and bright during photography sessions (:

I got them from The White Potato and enter Promo code ZR0512 for a mystery gift for purchases above $20! (:

So today's post is on Mothers' Day! If you have not decided what to get for your mother, these 2 products are pretty good! Hardly any girl can resist cute little cupcakes and ampoules/masks help in skin radiance, so it's not only for women who applies makeup.

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Anonymous said...

zoe! wheres d red dres from? ^^

Fayes said...

hi zoe can i ask u how do u break the glass of thr ampoule? me is a noob haha pls help thanks!! <3

Anonymous said...

May I know what colour contact lense are you wearing? I like your channel necklace. Where you are get it?