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La Cantina in Venezia.

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Was invited to my secondary school friend's wedding at La Cantina in Venezia located at Changi Village Hotel. Exact same hotel where Purink had our hotel gathering! :D

Went with diana, en, junrong and yunqi! (:

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that's very funny andy at the corner thinking if he was far enough, he wont be captured.

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with diana and en! (:

Diana just got engaged! Super happy for her! (:

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pasta that was too spicy ):

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i love precious memories (:

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when front camera sucks.

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Nestled amid the lush tropical greenery of laid back Changi Village, this unique rooftop restaurant presents a panoramic view of the sea unlike any other. Its distinctive charm offers a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life, transporting you into a gracious haven of Venetian living. 

A must try is the romantic balcony dining that overlooks our island’s Eastern shoreline. A perfect venue for sunset cocktails, candle lit dinners, suited for small intimate groups, whilst our indoor dining beckons with a warm refined welcome to all.

If you like pasta, you have to try La Cantina! (:

La Cantina in Venezia Changi Village Hotel
1 Netheravon Road 
#08/09-02, Singapore 508502

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A full length picture of my Faviana Full Skirt Layered Party Dress from Dress Sense! Share where you can get this later! (:

I got my Faviana Full Skirt Layered Party Dress on rental from Dress Sense. Everytime i have special occasions/ shoots, i will go to them cause of the unique gowns. I wont be afraid of seeing someone in the exact same dress as me! That's gonna be very awkward! 

You can also read more of my Dress Sense posts here! :D

Raffles City, #03-29A

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Anonymous said...

It is precious moments. not precious memories.

Anonymous said...

your friend in the purple dress is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

hi zoe! how much does it cost to rent your Faviana Full Skirt Layered Party Dress? It's so pretty!!