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Lunch box!

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Cause i took half day off yesterday, decided to make b some lunch! :D
been awhile since i was at it cause ive started working! 


bitter gourd with eggs and heart carrots (:
and ginger chicken!

tao ke with ginger, lotus and barley (:


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Took a cab down to great world but cause i wasnt able to find a bag that fit, had to hold the lunch box this way! 
Ztyle of The Day
Polkadotted Skater Dress: Damselove
Belt: From other dress

Had on this polka dress when i was on leave yesterday. I paired a red bow belt with it since i was going to go casual! Cause the cut is flare kind, you can even have it to work, but pair with a plain belt instead (:

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Jas was really sweet when she went to chinatown in the morning to get us all breakfast! 

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it's been a long while since i had this!

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very famous glutinous rice from chinatown that taste heavenly!

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Ztyle of The Day
Kaitlyn Pleated Dress: Hueberry
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for free normal postage

The last 2 dresses were a dear and It's yet another sweet dress from Hueberry! This is a sweet pink one which i wore to work. This comes with an attached sash at waist so it fits up to uk 10 well i suppose! 

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And i bought muffins from Choclat and Spice for my family for breakfast! ((:

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Anonymous said...

how much is your chanel necklace? (:

Anonymous said...

hi, may i ask which website did you get your swim wear from?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your bag from!

Anonymous said...

Which part of city plaza did you get the wedges from? How much? Consider to use formspring again? Easier to ask questions! (:

Anonymous said...

where did u get the lunchbox from? as in the box itself

Anonymous said...

your b eat so little rich only.. haha