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Want a free cone from Ben and Jerry's? To thank Singaporeans for making the world a fairer place & Supporting #BenNJerrys – Free Cone Day is here!

 Want to win an iPad2 by gamin? Play #DettolSG Flippy and Hoofy’s Clean Quest Contest FB Game here!


Gugu Julie had tickets to Universal Studios Singapore from Republic Polytechnic where she's lecturing cause it was family day! 

So b and i, with gugu and xin and her friends on Saturday (:



with betty!

Ztyle of The Day
Vintage Pokka Tee: Tinge Wardrobe 
Promo: Sign up for membership at get 10% instead of 5% off if you quote Zoe Raymond. Sale now on, almost everything a 20% now. 
Shorts: Forever 21
Bag: Can't remember.

Featuring a scoop neckline, oversized fit, graphics at front, polka dotted triangle back panel and exclusive From Korea!


love my hair color by von! gonna go back next week to touch up! :D

And omg, though it's my third time at USS, it's my first time at Human and Cyclone! 

I took both! The red one is Human and it's slower than the blue one! The blue one went 360 Degrees and sharp turns! Love the blue one so much i went twice! :D The kids went a total of 13 times!

gugu and xin!

gugu and b chatting nonstop!

photo 5 (12)
love shrek 4D!

photo 4 (14)
lunch at goldilocks! Love the fried chicken!

a pic of the 5 kids

Gotta thank b for being there the wholeee day and helping us with the bags (:



Trying this new range of products from RoC- The skincare brand used by the French for over 50 years.

HYDRA+ Light – Gives 24 hours Continuous Moisturised Feeling Moisturise your skin with Hydra+ Light to experience 24 hours of non-stop hydration and extreme skin comfort. Cause my skin is on the dry side so this hydrating products is perfect for me. 


And this is the 24h comfort hydrating cream. There's 1 for day and 1 for day/night use. 
I got the one for day/night use which works as an excellent base for skin to carry makeup! So this can be my new makeup base. The one for day use has got SPF 15 so i may just consider getting it since i am always out. 

RoC can be found in Guardian

Want to try out some of their products? Like their facebook page and win samples! (:


Ztyle of The Day
Crochet Front Dress: Sugar Threads
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for free normal postage and $4 off next regular purchase.

Isn't this piece pretty? When i chose this, i thought it was a two-piece! I love the intricate crochet details overlaying the nude colored tank dress.  


And cause so many of you got me to go back on formspring. Gonna give it a try again! It's been 10 months since i was at it. 10 months ago, i answered 9404 questions and gave up cause i have really too much to do and i couldn't keep up with the questions. So ask me the questions there and i really do not want to answer repeated questions! Please read through before spamming me okay? ((:

Ask me something here! :D

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