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What's coming up?

In the next couple of weeks, I have quite a number of exciting posts to share!!
So I thought why not i let you in on what to expect? (:

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 Zoe before braces! 

First up would definitely be the Braces Post which I've promised! I have written a lengthy post, tidying up and all ready to be up in the next couple of days! *mad excited!!!! The whole 1 year braces journey (:

Also, B gave me a yummy breakfast treat at Wild Honey! Probably the most expensive breakfast I have had!

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 breakfast at Wild Honey

Also coming up is TNS Cottage with Sheila! 

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that's us in hollyhoque's

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look at mabs awesome photography skill. TNS Signboard confirm chop chop must be in! every inch

She brought me for yummy Korean Dinner afterwhich! Definitely sharing it in the post as well, so you can bring your family and friends! :D

That's not all! There's Charity Drive for Japan at Scape with the girlfriends, Farewell Dinner cause my Uncle and his family are going flew to Switzerland and will be posted there for 3 years, for Barclays....

Exciting much so wait up!!! :D

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This got to be my favorite Hey Adonia collection! I like almost every piece, maybe because of the vibrant colors available! :D Different from the past launches, there are loads of tops, skirts this time round! One of which is like the navy colored toga that we paired with a cream work skirt and thin belt! The top comes in pastel pink and also goes well with my new faded denim shorts from Club Couture! Promo: Enter CCBLOG15 for 15% off

The mustard backless top is another favorite of this launch! Ooohhh, loving the hot favorite color in the block- mustard!

Here's what I ate for breakfast! Zonia bought Meiji and Oreo! :D
This is the Zonia way!

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remove the cream
dunk the cookies

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Anyone eats Oreo and Milk too?

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Also bringing us a vibrant collection is Fabfad! The chiffon dress in mustard and fuchsia comes with the rope belt and complete with a petticoat, so thick I can double it up as a cream bandaged tube dress! Many many dresses in this collection, the embroidery dress is one of which I see myself wear to work and family dinners! (:

Ahh! I bet the polka romper caught your eye! Rompers and petite sizing, me likey! :D

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Anonymous said...

I think you look better without braces. Its really cute! (:

Princess Kayla said...

we remove the cream too!!!