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I want a short get-away!

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No car to the studio so took a cab! 
And camwhored on my way there! :D :D 

Feeling cutesy that day, that explains the polka dots dress and bangle! Teehee! 

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It's because they are launching so frequently (is it twice a week?), i cant catch up with blogging my faves! ): At times, stuff i love and blog have already been sold out! Thankful for BO! Talking about BO, its mad funny! The guys at the studio have their interpretations for the words "BO NOW". Bern was saying "Huhh? Bo now? Bo as in no more in hokkien. Another said "Body Odour?" lololol.

Yes! There will always be backorders for the items that are in demand. That is, BO for the bags and shoes as well! Sometimes, i get tired of just getting clothes from blogshops (though it's always hard to resist cause the clothes are so nice! lolol!), I tend to take a double look at bags and shoes now! Luxe Ciel is one of the few who bring them to us! Drum rolls! Shopping time with Luxe Ciel once again! :D

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Outfit of The Day
Polka Dot mini dress: My Sweet Sixteen
Sling Bag: Bangkok
Bangles and Wedges: Past advertiser
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I miss Bangkok so much! The cheap food, cheap shopping, cheap body massages! The bag in this post was from BKK at only SGD$8! Omgzzz! I want a short get-away!

Anyone jetting off for a trip this June Holidays? (: My relatives are flying Italy so I'm probably gonna get my first branded bag, together with a few of my girlfriends! Quite excited that the few of us are getting our very first together. HEHE! :D :D

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Ash said...

Hi Zoe! You have very nice hair! Which shampoo brand/hair treatments do you use? :)

kelly said...

which brand are u getting? :D mind sharing?

Anonymous said...

first branded bag? thought u've already got some burberry and coach bags?