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Be a Fashionista; Review Edition

    If you are still doing some last minute shopping for the upcoming Chinese New Year, this post is for you!
    The previous Be A Fashionista; Modeling Edition, was well received, I decided have a similar post for the review post! So here comes, Be A Fashionista; Review Edition! (:

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    We have here with us 14 apparel blog sites, 3 bags/shoes blog shops, 3 accessories and 1 stationery sites!

    In no order of merit, let's welcome Pink Flare!!!

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    Say hello to my very first Jumpsuit! Leila Rose Jumpsuit is Pink Flare's very first manufactured piece!
    Excellent quality and cutting with much thought put into design, they have it in 3 colors- Black / Dark Blue / Dark Taupe!

    Next up, its Chersamme!

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    Here's another site that manufactured piece came just in time for this post!
    Chersamme's Melancholic Dress is a convertible and can be worn multiple ways! 4 hot colors awaiting you!
    P/s: Comes with a free thin belt for play! 

    We have got Dancing Teevee!

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    The girls dropped this Dancing Teevee piece at my house the day before the shoot!
    This pink peach dress is really comfortable and easy to wear, in different styles such as pairing them with stockings, blazers!

    Vanilla Lollies!!!!
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    Still going strong, I love this glamour satin sculptured dress! Vanilla Lollies couriered to me for CNY! The color is so vibrant, I bet any girl who's clad in this piece will stand out from the crowd!
    This dress is available in more than 1 color!

    Also with us today is Polkadot Pigs!

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    This post got me all excited cause almost every owner told me that they have a manufactured piece for meeee!! Polkadot Pigs is no different! I really adore their exquisite taste and style in making this piece happen!

    Fash Mob came in with this simple dress that suits almost any occasion!

    Image Hosted by
    You will love the layerings in the front, making simple dresses stand out from the crowd!
    If you want the dress to stand out even more, you could pair this Fash Mob dress with a bling belt like how i did!

    White Heathers contributed a red piece for this review post as well!

    Image Hosted by
    Clothes are never enough for us girls! If you are a shopaholic like me, you are gonna love this red piece from White Heathers!
    The only trouble you will have is probably when to wear it! New Year or Valentine's Day!

    Mori-vie Mori-vie! I had a had time deciding what to get!

    Image Hosted by
    In fact, their last appearance wasn't too long ago! I got this sweet lilac flowy dress which I had so much fun in! The dress has a thick underlining that is actually tight fitting, somewhat like a bandaged skirt underneath!

    It's been awhile since Passion Chiffonier set foot here!

    Image Hosted by
    I am really glad Passion Chiffonier sent me this floral number! I sucker for floral, this is the piece I will definitely wear out to meet the girlfriends! Seeing this pictures make me feel happy already! (:

    Another colorful piece we got here today is from Milly Walker!
    Image Hosted by
    Milly Walker sent me this cutesy kaedie polka tube dress, with sash included! If you are a fan of dainty and cute styles, this is just the perfect piece for you!

    Ashincans never fails to bring us sexy, solid colored pieces!

    Image Hosted by
    We all know dresses solid colours are more versatile, that is why I got this piece from Ashincans to share!
    This piece is even more versatile cause we could have it worn as a top too! Flaunt your sexy shoulders in this sexy number!

    Talking about tops, we also got Fashion Euphoria bring us this mint top!
    Image Hosted by
    The reason why i chose this top is cause of the pearl necklace that is REALLY cute!
    Detachable, i could even wear it with my other outfits!
    Love the intricate lace details, I see myself wearing this Fashion Euphoria piece over and over again!

    The Shoplifters also sent me a chilli red toga top!

    Image Hosted by
    Ruffles at one sleeve is to die for! The color is so strikingly nice, I will definitely be wearing this piece with my high waist skirt for work even! Talk about versatility, The Shoplifters really helps us think about it!

    Last but not least, we have Miss Fayne!

    Image Hosted by
    Miss Fayne brought us a manufactured ruffled toga that you can't resist! Whether you are a student or a working lady, you need to have this basic piece in the wardrobe!
    I bet many of you girls will share the same sentiments as me!

    Besides outfits, I managed to invite a few accessories blog sites to participate!
    We have shoes, bags, rings and necklaces here too!

    First we have got Yventually!

    Image Hosted by
    Yventually brought us the nude studded heels and bloody red bag!
    The heels are mad love cause the studded strap at the heel can be brought forward (across the feet) and another style is spotted!

    Another site that brought us shoes instead of bags this time is Tian Fen Lan

    Image Hosted by
    Tian Fen Lan are the proud owners of the manufactured gold pumps and oxford black heels! The pumps are really comfortable, I am going to wear it in the office! I also heard that they are looking at manufacturing all products in the near future!

    Xquisis also played a part in this post!

    Image Hosted by
    Xquisis knows how much i need a pair of heels that suit every outfit for photoshoot, they got me a nude pair of heels that fits the bill! 

    Since accessories are definitely a must!
    You can't miss Damsels Most Wanted, who brought us another interesting ring!

    Image Hosted by

    Damsels most wanted sent me a personalized DIY Fiddlers ring! omg! We can add anything we like (even images/photos) as long as it is within the square/round gold or silver box. The rings are welded to the round/square frames, so they will not drop. Affordable, I plan to have some made for my friends for Valentine's Day!

    What beats personalized gifts, no? 

    Ah Bead Shop came knocking during Christmas with the very cute little santa doll pendant...

    Image Hosted by
    they are here again for Valentine's Day! Another place to shop for gifts for the girlfriends, i picked this handmade pink heart from Ah Bead Shop that is really demure and sweet!

    Well, if you are a fan of bling accessories, Tangem is here again to share!

    Image Hosted by
    I am such a fan of blings! Heart shaped pendant and earring set is going for $60 and at only S$35, the simple yet exquisite ring of circles and squares is just the piece from Tangem I would wear when i'm in simple black dresses!

    I thought I would end the post with Bobodino! The place where we can all shop for Valentine's Day gifts! 
    Featured today is LOVE post-it pads!
    Image Hosted by
    I wrote a note on B's phone to get me snacks from Japan! HAHA! And remember just the other time i was selling off some of my clothes?
    I wrote on a sticky note and had them mailed out together with the pieces! I think it's really small money to make the people on the other side happy! (:

      Everything is absolutely to-die-for and these are the pieces love to own and have it in my wardrobe!
      I'm sure you girls share the same sentiments so shop away!!! (:

      Photography by Hendra Sulistio 

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      Anonymous said...

      Do you just feature blogshops that you modelled for? Seems like you are not posting pictures of other faces other than yourself.

      ZOE RAYMOND said...

      Anonymous said...
      Do you just feature blogshops that you modelled for? Seems like you are not posting pictures of other faces other than yourself.

      ♥ ZOE RAYMOND:

      Anonymous said...

      hey zoe! does the heels fir true to your sizing?