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We could have it tied up too! (:

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Mad love such shirts for dress down days or even feel fat days! Teehee!
I can leave it baggy or tie it up OR have my thin waist belt come to play! (:

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I wore this out over the weekend and met up with Esther for another round of Sixntwelve Christmas collection! (:

I want to share my favorites now!!!
Loads of pretty dresses for Prom and Christmas dinners! (:

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enchanted dresses!

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mini dresses with black satin sash!

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dresses that we can wear for work and play!

Last but not least, my favorite top that I'm gonna pair with my high waist skirt for work next week! (:

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Though I'm going to be shopping in Bangkok tomorrow, I will still make sure you girls get goodies back here in Singapore too! (:

Teehee! Have fun girls!


red boyf shirt: wontonfactory

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