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10+1 Promises; August 2009

P/s: I've decided to give Formspring a try! (:
We shall see how the response is before I decide to manage an extra account okay? 

Please only ask questions that are not related to the blog posts okay! 
If they are related, please do it the usual way and commenting on the respective posts itself! xoxo

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 universal studios august 2010

Was looking through my past posts and I came across one of these entries from b.
I decided to post it up again this Sunday. teehee! (:

So from 1 August 2009 I promise you the following 10 points:

1) To fully support baby in all her events, and photoshoots without
complaining but providing outfits are not revealing. Revealing or not
will be decided by baby Zoe.

2) To not become emotional without any apparent reason.

3) To trust baby to make the right decisions and not to worry about
small things.

4) To trust baby and not become jealous easily.

5) To allow baby to show attitude all the time and be patient and try
to make her happier in the event of PMS.

6) To support baby in her favorite past times-blog, photo shoots, and
in future, her career.

7) To treat baby's family well even though I am a fugitive now.

8) To not always expect baby to put me as a priority at all times, but
yet to put baby as priority irregardless.

9) To always give baby a call to say good night every night without
fail before we sleep.

10) To wholeheartedly take care and give baby all the love that I can
give for as long as she wants to be with me.

Damn I forgot one more thing....

To allow baby to wear anything she wants at all times.

That's 11 promises isn't it? (:

Love you baby.


I remember this email came about cause b always get upset when I have events and photoshoots. That's why it's top of the promises! Despite being unhappy about it, he always supported me when I tell him I accepted an assignment.

Somehow, I didn't feel at ease taking up the assignments soon later. And also because of school work and exams, I slowly faced out in the events/fashion shoots industry. I don't see myself wishing and hoping I was there again, but of course I did have my times of fun.

Blogshop shoots and blogging above my full time work make me busy and happy enough. I don't need more (:
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P/s: For the few that asked why b considered himself as a fugitive, its because I have really strict parents who doesn't allow me to date while i'm still studying. So we kinda had to go out; in the dark. Which I think is really a big deal for a man. We do not spend late nights together, neither do we go on holidays like many couples would.

He loves me for who I am: my fury temper, impatiences, me with or without makeup. In fact, he prefers me without make up.  THERE! I answered a question posed today! So no, he won't feel like dying when he sees me without, in fact he smiles gleefully when he gets to see me that sparkingly clean! (:

Thank you, b (:

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sweet!!! :] brought a smile to my face when i was reading heh.

pL said...

that last pic is such a lovely pic! =)

Anonymous said...

so envy you zoe! :) glad to see you so happily in love. i wonder if i will ever find someone who will treat me like tt too. how did u 2 meet and started out?

Jay said...

Awww So sweet ! (: Btw , AWESOME blogskin ! (:
Cheers !
Loyal teen fan reader
Jay ! ^^

Anonymous said...

so sweet!! how long have you and b been together? :)

Anonymous said...

hey zoe! what brand and color of contact lens do you wear?

Anonymous said...

are you a very chatty person in nature? do you talk more or b talk more in your relationship? :)

Sylvia said...

AH! So sweet uh! If only my bf can make such a promise. It will make our life easier!

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet of him! u r sucha fortunate girl :)

Anonymous said...

but do ur parents noe ure dating now? :O love ur eyes btw! -envys-

Anonymous said...

omg sweet!! <3

Anonymous said...

Lovely couple. (:

Anonymous said...

this entry of yours made me tear. it's so touching that b does all that for you and how much he loves you! wish you and b love and joy always!


Anonymous said...

after reading your blog for sucha long time, its the first time i read a post that you actually really wrote abt your bf. its really sweet that he could endure so much and love you whole heartly.

felt kinda jealous after reading this post. i got strict parents too. though they already knew my bf and i were tgh but still we are not allow to spend a night tgh or going holiday tgh. worse of all, i cant get my bf understanding. he actually suggested me to leave my family and make me in a difficult position..

tresure your sweet bf. its hard to find someone like him to have the understanding which most of the guys out there nv have.

all the best in your life :)

Aud said...

Audreyliting: So happy for you Zoe! xoxo

Anonymous said...

zoe i need ur help! am looking for a navy blue polka dot handbag that many girls are carrying it but i cant seem to find it selling anywhere. have u got any diea and may i know the price? Thanks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How old is he??

Anonymous said...

really like the last photo! candid photos like these really show how blissed and happy you are. :)

Anonymous said...

aww so sweet!! ^^

V said...

hi babe, noticed in some previous posts that you got a zoeraymond necklace. where is it from and how much?

Amanda said...

ohhhhh your bf is soooo sweet!wish my bf was so supportive too!

cute choo :D said...

hey zoe,
sorry to side track a little, i was wondering do you by any chances know the price range of tiffany and co 's jewellery? particularly necklaces?

thanks and you are pretty :)

ING said...

Very sweet hubby you have!! I believe all his waiting is worth :) and you must be kidding rite! you have fury temper?! hahaha:D


cute choo :D said...
hey zoe,
sorry to side track a little, i was wondering do you by any chances know the price range of tiffany and co 's jewellery? particularly necklaces?

thanks and you are pretty :)

Hey! My only one was a gift! I think its about $300? (: