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Lafemmedabelle feat Nina Nina

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This week, girlies are all in luck!
Cause it's another blogshop to share with tons of pretty, self-manufactured pieces!

Lafemmedabelle Label

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We have work dresses for the office ladies! Material is fab, we wont even need a waist belt. Dresses are best for work cause we won't have to decide which bottom to match with the top, vice versa! 

The people at Lafemmedabelle knows exactly how we feel and so they made a few more just for us to pick! 

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The above dress is available in a few more colors and what I like best about this dress is the belt is attached alongside the skirt! We can choose to have it with or without the skirt cause the fit is there and the belt just plays the accessory role here! (:

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Having deemed my favorite, I brought home 2 colors; ahem that is both colors! 

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A fan of bandaged skirts, how to resist a 1 piece like this!

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This is the 4th manufactured piece to look out for this collection! Sweetheart dress in nude with black lace details, the piece to wear for a date with that special guy!

P/s: Black heels recommended to compliment the intricate black lace details at waist!!! Teehee!

Last but not least, there are a few girly casual dresses to look out for!
Just like this one over here!

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white floral dress with my fedora

I can so picture myself going for a picnic in this outfit! 

For those who queried on where to get the fedora I wore to Zoological Gardens with B sometime back, you can find it at Nina Nina! (:

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promo: Spend $75 to get $5 off. 
Punky Gems and Ribbons Embroidered Bangle: nina nina
Fedora: nina nina
If you are interested to be featured here,  see here for testimonials from past advertisers a

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jacq said...

hi care to share whr did u get ur name tag pendant/necklace done? :)


jacq said...
hi care to share whr did u get ur name tag pendant/necklace done? :)

Hey Jacq! Was from an old advertiser who dont sell them anymore! ):