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One of the days at work!

at my desk!

my cups!
one for hot water, one for cold!

Dinner at Bugis's NYDC!

not mine! hahahaha!
But tasted really good!!!

overbaked ham and cheese pasta!

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Ncc :P said...

you always seems to be with good food! so jealous ):
happy new year and a happy valentines day btw! :]

Anonymous said...

"Its a permanent job and really need to do well! Its a really really good company, and i trust that you guys will support me"

hey. zoe. this is wat u stated in your 29th jan post? why suddenly become temp job? is just 2 weeks.

Bel said...

I think you're a Avid Dress Lover right? I see you in dresses in most of your post!
And i do love dresses. :)
Happy New year and Valentine!

Anonymous said...

you helped ppl to sell off items? (:

Anonymous said...

what brand of sachet green tea do you drink?:)

ING said...

Hello :)
am Back to leave comment!!
haha, i wanna acess to hollyhoque,but
server like kinda down :( so sad!
your contract with estee lauder ended ? I love perfumes from estee lauder!

Celine said...

Hi Zoe,

Can i know where do you get all your formal work blouses from? mind sharing?