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P-Closet with us! (:

A few more pictures from Sunday before i share about a new blogshop! (: Check these out!!!

Sweet sweet accessories! And i really like the 2nd dress (Floral piece)! Its such a lovely piece for a weekend date!

And here are a few more which i cant take my eyes off! Eat your hearts out babes!

And, some background info on P-closet!

1. You can visit or to view collections!

2. P-closet travels to Japan and Taiwan to source for unique apparels.

4. P-closet also help blogshop owners manufature own labels!

5. P-closet have many on-going promos such as free K-box vouchers!

. . .

First stop of the day on Monday! What for? Read on! . . .

Went UPS for collection, had to stay in the car as they do not allow visitors to park in their carpark. Really wth.

Really excited for my parcel!!!

Loads of pictures of me staring out the window, waiting for the parcel to come into my arms! HAHAHAHAHA!

A 5 minutes wait seemed like ages and then.

. . .
. . .

. . .
. . .

My long awaited parcel!!!
Take a guess what im unwrapping!

. . .
. . .

. . .
. . .


P/s: the camera is called TL225 in the states, ST550 over in Singapore!

It has a front LCD, total coolness. Is this the first camera with this function? I think it is, correct me if i'm wrong yah!

All delighted! Gonna take loads of pictures to share on this space! Some how, the other day. I felt my 8.1 Megapixel's photo quality is terrible as compared to Rach's Sony camera.

. . .

It was Tampines Mall for lunchie since we were at the East!
Got my camera a protective cover for the LCD screen as well.

Headed to Dave's for some payment issues as well!
and he recently told me that he's tying the knot! Like FINALLY! Wedding bells coming soon and i'm invited! Wee heeeee!!!!

Pictures before he came. Love his new office! So much bigger and the ambience is really perfect! See you soon, dave! (:

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Anonymous said...

hi girl, where did you get the checkered dress that youre wearing in the first 2 pictures on this post from? thanks :)


Hey dear, its from Future State at Fareast Plaza! :) Got it like 2 months back already!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe where did you get that handbag of yours in this picture? The one white in colour