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Kbox Kbox Kbox!!!

I am i very tube dress person! Tube dresses flatters me most i feel! (Cause of my arms!)

Sheila!! Bring in more tube dressesssss!!!!

My favorite pictures from HH (:

Support them okay dokies?

. . .

Playing with my new apple lip balm!

Smells really good la! Smells like real apples! Yummy!

. . .

Met the girlies at Cineleisure on Thursday! First time meeting them after our last Business Finance paper! Was supposed to meet up last week, but Grandma was hospitalized so we had it postponed!

Headed to Kbox on the 9th level. Just Rach, Kerrie and I. Vanessa came to join as after abit!

Student package has really good deals. Snacks, finger food and honey lemon (HOT!) to sooth our throats!

Recorded a few songs!

Had wanted to upload into imeem! But only part of the songs are retrievable!

So here are the full songs if you're interested!!! (:

Kerrie and Zoe.amr

Lian ai ping yu.amr

Wo men de ai.amr

Rach and Zoe.amr

P/s: Good place for me to keep these memories too anyway!

. . .

And it was Tori Q for dinner.
We walked around Ion for a tiny bit before i headed home. Grandma's discharged! Yippeee doooo! Oh man, i love holidays!

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waterbottle said...

i wanna noe wad song name is it for Kerrie and Zoe.amr and this Rach and Zoe.amr..and your fwen and you sang really well:DD

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! May I know where you got the cream blazer from? :)

Jiabin said...

Where did you get the nude and black heels you model at HH? :)


Heyyo! its Lian Ai Ping Yu (Kerrie and i) I forgot the title of Rach and i's, but its by Tanya chua and Stephanie Sun (:


Its from (:


Hey hey! The nude heels are from Wisma (: Which black heels are you talking about ya!

Jiabin said...

Oh. Thanks! Do you know the specific shop? The heels from the latest collection, Tie Front Flirty Dinner Dress in black. I think it is not black heels though. :)


Hey dear! The brown pair of heels belongs to Sheila dear! (: