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Milly walker goes Polka!

It's the first week of November.
Another 3 more papers to go!

아자 ~아자 파이팅! (Aja aja fighting!)

On the way to mug at the library!

My new accessories! Big pearlies!
I had on my Mascara from Ettusais which never fails me!

The sun was so glaring on the open car-park that I could hardly keep my eyes open!
Just visited Von for hair treatment, super soft now! Besides monthly hair treatment, DIY yourselves at home at least 2 times a week!! The weather in Singapore is drying and we are too used to air conditioned places. Both situations make hair dry and brittle!

Especially to girls who color or perm your hair. Those chemicals kill the texture of the hair, but treatments will help restore the moisture and softness (:

I just headed to my regular to stock up on my home treatment too!

I say; Go Polka with Milly Walker!

So in love with this cutesy dress, i decided to take a few more pictures in it! HEHE!

You don't even have to fret about which belt to match this dress with! Cause Milly Walker is throwing in the white belt FREE! (:

And this dress comes in white base, black polka too!

This piece is really comfy! Satin material, easily the best grade of material you can find in a blogshop nowadays! (:

Credits: Milly Walker

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hazel said...

hi zoe, i enjoy reading your blog. may i ask does the ettusais dual white serum really works for pimples? i've just tried the dual effect trial kit. as i already have alot pimples on my forehead, i thought of trying the white serum to help me cure it,will it work? oh yah and good luck for your exams!


YES it definitely does!!!! Cross my heart! HEEHEE! Been faithfully abiding by it during my exam periods! (:

Thanks for dropping by and well wishes! And hope you continue enjoying the reads!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe!

Can I know which hair treatment products do you usually get? There are so many out there, I just can't decide!

Thank you!! =)



Chloeee!! I get Redken hair treatments as recommended by my stylist! You can try going to him maybe once a month or every 2 months. And do home treatment, say 2 times a week!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe!

Thank you for the recommendation!

PS: All the best for your last paper =)