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It's a post full of goodies!

I couldnt help getting more pictures of my outfit today! HAHA! It was my 2nd last paper. Strategic marketing. The paper was Okay, thankfully all that i studied came out. A degree is so hard to attain. But without a degree, it's almost impossible to get a decent job cause graduates are everywhere now.

Gotta thank tianfenlan for the continuous great job of bringing in the best ever bags! Even tho the bag seems flat, it can store loads of stuff and turn a lil into a bucket bag if i were to pull the draw strings!

Oh lala! This is like my first high waist skirt! Actually its a one piece. Seems like a black high waist skirt ah! I like this piece cause i don't have to even fret on what to match with. Gotta thank who manufactured this piece!!! So you cant find THIS anywhere else EXCEPT HERE!!!!

My last few minutes of mugging before heading to school. I almost forgot to pull out the necklace i wore. This piece is exquisite and every piece is handmade and one piece only! I got it from!

Isn't this lovely?

. . .

Met Rachel and gang earlier before our paper, just like the other papers. Its really nice to have this group of friends to meet up and have a last minute study before the exam. We go through all the chapters together. Test one another and help the others who did not study that part. Seriously, this kinda study actually helps us remember better (:

After the paper, Rach Kerlyn and I stayed back to start on our next paper, Business Finance. Oh God, i really hate finance. I hate numbers! I hate Math! I hate financeeeee!!!!!!

Why do i need to take finance when i'm pursuing a marketing degree! I took marketing cause i prefer words, prefer tools that interest me! Numbers are definitely a bore. I need 50% to get through this phase. I studied really hard for the test a few weeks back, and got a High Distinction. But that's only 30%! I remember how terrible i felt, how depressed i was when i mug for that paper. Sighhh...

Check out the number of calculators. BA II, financial calculators...
PMT, PV, FV, Growth Rate...

And guess what? I'm off to mug some more. I've got a boring life.

P/s: My right wrist hurts from too much writing. Need to get off the com.


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Clarence said...

Wow, that's a nice necklance... all the best on your exams hor... haha.. keep smiling~ =)

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