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Wearing the pinky hairband from Sheila! Abit too cutesy that i removed it, will be keeping it for a better fit! So don't take it away from me, Sheila dear! HEHE!


Blazers! This is my first white blazer and i have to share it! Its really rare to see a white blazer that catches my eye over blog-shops!

Button up to formal, unbutton to dress down.
High waist skirt to formal, simple dress to dress down.
How neat huh!

The material is really comfy, not thick so i don't go perspiring when i wear this for a shopping date with Sheila! (:

Credits: Black chained dress and white blazer from

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Anonymous said...

Hi babe,
can i know where you got the first pink top with the black lace trimmings from??


Its from Holly Hoque! (: One of their old collections!