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Modeling for HH!

Did a shoot for HH cause Nic couldn't make it due to work!
I prefer Nic's collections!!!!!

Cause she has smiley pictures! I have "cool" pictures! Cause my boss says "Vivi"!

WAHAHA! So of the whole collection, there's only ONE smiley picture. Which will only be featured here, not over at HH! ):

The pieces i wore were breathtakingly beautiful. Every single color was carefully chosen, every piece was painstaking designed.

Words aside, here are the collection i modeled for Holly Hoque.

I got 5 pieces from this collection for myself! You will be spoilt for choice, i'm sure!
"Like it, GRAB IT"

The pieces are really limited! (:

Before i end this post, i included a new navigation: Preloves! Where i upload my mostly brand new stuffies! I'm not sure if there's something you like. But do drop me an email if there is (hopefully)!

Thankewwww! (:

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