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We got Married!

Did you watch this show?

Its a korean variety show called We Got Married!

super hilarious!

Here's Ep. 1 for you guys to catch! Sheilaaaaaaaa! I uploaded it here for you! (:

Old pictures in my phone again!! Anyway, i would like to thank supereffy for doing up my skin, touching up as well (:

She has edited in comments box and enlarged my post box as well as changed the base skin color to a lighter pink shade!

If you would like to create a .com for yourself or even your blog shops, do contact her directly at supereffy to get the quotes! She charges really affordable prices and definitely prompt in her services! This is definitely not an advertorial! Just need to share with the rest of you on how good her works are! (:

Thanks girl for all the help with the template (:

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dramamamamia said...

babe! all the best to ur exams yah! :) hope to see u model inHH soon!! i love the top u wore...where did u get it?


Hey dear! I will, hopefully after my exams! (: The top you're talking about is actually a dress which was from one of HH's older collections! The bodycon dress (:

Super dope!

Anonymous said...

hey. where do you get all the games in your itouch? (:


I downloading it directly fron itunes dear! (:

Pearlyn said...

Hey Zoe, this variety show is AWESOME! I've watch it till ep 51. If i'm not wrong,it will end at ep 55. :)


I watched only Hwang Bo's parts! HAHA! I don't like Ant couple! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

hi i just came to your blog randomly and i just wanna say you seem like a friendly person!! ^^
and i love that show now its up to season 2!! lol.
take care (:


Hello newbie! HAHA! Season 2?! Whats for Season 2? Are the cast the same? I like hwang bo and that cute guy! They look so good together despite the age gap!

Pearlyn said...

Alot of people love the 'lettuce couple', which is hwangbo & kim hyun joong. I'm in love with another couple which are at the last few episode.
You're definitely friendly! :)

Anonymous said...

same anon!^^ you can call me christal (:
season 2 actually consist of a real life celebrity couple ;) now they have another couple frm i think 2AM and brown eyed girls? (: but i can't find subtitles for most season two ): cos apparently it's not as popular n'more ):


Hey Pearlyn, thanks for sharing! I will prob watch it AGAIN after my exams! I cant help repeating the wedding photos parts! Darn cuteeee when he said he wants to rent the outfits and got jealous over names he thought were guys!


Ya!! I went to Youtube to find, but couldnt find the English Subtitles, was planning to ask u to share with us on the link! HEHE!

Christal said...

sorry cos i can't find alot with subtitles i just gave up haha but recently i found one on youtube but they're only doing cuts on the other couple not the real life one. go to youtube and type " time2sub2" tell me if you encouter any trouble (: or need more help!


Thanks Christal! (:
Will go search for it!!!

Pearlyn said...

Good Luck for your exmas!
You definitely have to watch it after exams yea :)