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Me to You! (:

*Post edited!

Helping girlfriend spread about the burberry she wants to let go! (:

The bag is really gorgeous and here are some of the specs!

-Burberry Tenby
-100% Authentic, full cow leather
-bought on 18/07/09
-hardly use, cause it hardly can match with my dressing
-bought for approx $1.9k
-comes with dust bag, paper bag, receipt (not included, cause submitted for lucky dip)

now selling for $1.6k,
If you have any enquires/interested in getting the bag, feel free to drop her an email at

thank you!!

My collection of Tatty bears!

They are so dirty now!!! Gonna send them to wash real soon! Just discovered the bag of them! HAHA! Been moving so much that i long forgot about them! I really how i used to love them when i was in school. And how expensive they were and how happyyyy i was when i got them as pressies!

I seem to have grown out of them.

Just like i've grown up. I received this letter from Ministry of Health getting me to consider donating my organs if i were to pass on. Doesnt seem like a bad idea huh?

A little background on Transplantation.
There are more than 500 Singaporeans with organ failure whose lives can be saved or enhanced if they can get an organ transplant in time. Transplantation is the only option they have to allow them to lead a normal, active life again. Over the years, hundreds of patients have been saved and given a new lease of life simply because of the generosity of others who had allowed their organs to be used for transplantation after death.

I would offer my organs up if i were to die, what about you?

On a lighter note, i've just finished my second paper- Global Marketing! Woohoo! The paper was rather okay, i would say. Sheila was so niceeee to send me a text to show her concern over my paper! HEHE! I cant do the shoot for HH this week cause of exams. But im sure Nic is doing a great job (as per usual)!!! For those who wants to see more of me, i've promised my time to Sheila after my exams! Last paper on the 9th of Nov! Do root for me to complete and do well?



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