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Pictures taken on the way in school, in the car!

Stay tuned for the next post on nails yah! (:

Headed to Von's after lecture yesterday.
I had wanted to have my hair curled, but wasnt successful. The chemicals doesn't go into my hair. And still goes straight. I have straight hair by nature, and the fineness of my hair rejects most hair chemicals.

Oh well, at least i had a good hair treatment as well as a fringe cut! (:

Pictures before the fringe cut (:

Many readers have visited Von after seeing the advertorial write-ups! And the rest of you should try there!

Entitled to 10% off any hair services if you mention that you're a reader of mine!
Von @ 92995052, by Appointment ONLY. Location: 34A Lor Manbong, Holland V (M.A.D Salon)

Girls, you can just drop him a text to check out the rates for his services! Von is really nice and won't bite! As many as 20 readers have been a regular with Von. My classmates are also making appointments with him even more regularly than me!


Since was at Holland V, headed to the Jap bakery!

The choco wassant far left is really yummy!

So pretty.

The super comfy purple top is from (:

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