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Super nice right!!!! I knew i had to get it the moment i saw the criss crosses!

I just cant get enough of the sexy back! The criss cross made me go gaga la! (:

A few more of their lovely items? (:

You really gotta visit them as they are gonna bring in manufactured stuff! Afraid that you miss their launches?

Do sign up for their mailing list! I'm sure you will be the first few to get your hands on their stuff! I'll be the first! Hehe! I wanna request for sneak peaks lah!


Another blogshop to be featured today will be Milly Walker! Im sure this blog shop is not new to you! If you read magazines, you will see them there! They are always featured on magazines, giving out their goodies! (:

How can i forget the Chanel bracelets which she specially sent me! A great addition to my accessories box! YAY!

They just launched their new collection, and there's more accessories and dresses! And they come in more than 1 color!

Love my bracelets from them! I'm sure you can find something for yourself! (:

A place to go when you want to be different.

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