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Mr. Postman rang in intercom this morning and all trilled i sprung to the door to let him in! Opened my door, and waiting for Mr. Postman to take the lift to 22th floor! I was waiting for a parcel! Mr. Postman asked if i've been online shopping! Cause of the big envelope he handed to me after i signed the acknowledgment letter.

I knew exactly who sent me this hugeeeee parcel!
Zoe is being hyper! Polkadotpigs are really nice to send me a set!

YES! A dress, bag and flipflops too!

Check out their flipflops thats only at $10!

I have had girls emailing me pictures of their tops/dresses, asking me for recommendations to match their outfits for that special date. That's why i was sooo happy to receive a nice combi! I don't have to match them myself! HEHE!

$10 mailed! Polkadotpigs absorb the postage costs, just for you!

Here's another picture of me AND MY NEW DRESS AND BAG!

Close up of the beads on the piece! (:

How can i not share a few more pieces from this DOT COM!
They sell bags too! Girls who are lazy or can't match really well, can make a purchase from them, from head to toe! HEHE!

The grin on my face now!

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