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Advertorial (SingTel)

I was telling Vanessa that she should concentrate in our Business Finance lecture.

I was SMSING during break and charles showed me a picture!

Vanessa asked, "Zoe! Honestly, how many SMSES do you send every month!"

"I think about 1,500?"

Vanessa: "You make your service provider RICH!"

I needed desperate help!


Texted a friend who's in the service provider industry, and here's what he told me to check out this site,


SingTel Mobile Youth Plan!

Youth plans, specially catered to students like you and me, as well as NSF personnel!

Let me share the goodness of this plan! (:

FREE incomingggg calls!

I remember when i was in secondary school, i had to carefully and meticulously decide if i want free AM incoming calls or PM incoming calls! It was dreadful ):


Yes! Not just to SingTel subscribers, but to friends who use other mobile lines too!
(I can save like so much KACHING here! )


FREE CAMPUS CALLS from 37 institutes!

Above this, tertiary students studying at NUS, NTU, SMU, SIM (which is ME!), and polytechnic and ITE or JC are entitled to FREE CAMPUS CALLS FROM YOUR CAMPUS TO ANYONE!

Even though I'm like supposed to be in school, studying; i find myself always making phone calls during breaks to my friends! Real time is time after school!!! SHOPPING DATES! (:

Specially for the Ah Bing Ge (s) in Singapore! Yay!!

My NSF friends are always complaining that they are getting peanuts and never have enough to spend! SingTel is giving all NSFs FREE CAMP CALLS from selected camps to anyone! HAHA! This is really good!

Jay! Stop getting me to "CALL ME BACK" WITH MY HOUSE PHONE! That stingy pok!!!

Free broadband on Mobile Lite!!!
HEHE! Now i can check out on facebook updates in lectures! MUAHAHA! Don't blame me, but certain lectures really bore me!

(Zoe's a bad bad student!)

And SingTel decided that we youths, deserve more!

Check this out, yo!

These value services SingTel is throwing in, actually amounts to $195!!!


And last goody to share!!!

SingTel has came up with a promo that no other co. has done before! The Best Youth Promo in the Galaxy Ever! (Promo Period: 1 Aug – 30 Aug)

1) 12 months free subscription for SingTel MobileYouth Plan
2) 12 months free subscription for BroadBand On Mobile Youth Plan

3) A pair of Formula One Tickets at Bay Grandstand for each person

4) iPhone 3G(S) 16GB

5) 13” MacBook

6) 1 year movie pass

And mind you, prizes are X2! Your friend gets it, YOU get it too!!!

Here’s your chance to win fab prizes for you and your friend when you recommend your friend to sign up for a new SingTel Mobile Youth Plan. If the friend you referred has successfully signed up for SingTel Mobile Youth Plan, you will get to pocket $20 shopping voucher and your friend will get $50 off on any 3G/3.5G handset. So the more friends you recommend, the more vouchers you can get!!

Check out; for more info now now!!!!
(Zoe is super high now lah!)

Now i wont have to fear when Mommy opens the letter box at THAT time of each month! YAY!!! (:


What’s more, you can live life online with SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan, for more information, check out

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