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10+1 promises

Someone sent me this email;
So from 1 August 2009 I promise you the following 10 points:

1) To fully support baby in all her events, and photoshoots without
complaining but providing outfits are not revealing. Revealing or not
will be decided by baby Zoe.

2) To not become emotional without any apparent reason.

3) To trust baby to make the right decisions and not to worry about
small things.

4) To trust baby and not become jealous easily.

5) To allow baby to show attitude all the time and be patient and try
to make her happier in the event of PMS.

6) To support baby in her favorite past times-blog, photo shoots, and
in future, her career.

7) To treat baby's family well even though I am a fugitive now.

8) To not always expect baby to put me as a priority at all times, but
yet to put baby as priority irregardless.

9) To always give baby a call to say good night every night without
fail before we sleep.

10) To wholeheartedly take care and give baby all the love that I can
give for as long as she wants to be with me.

Damn I forgot one more thing....

To allow baby to wear anything she wants at all times.

That's 11 promises isn't it? (:

Love you baby.



Ah, so sweet! (:

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Anonymous said...

Hi! i'm a new reader, and i got curious when he wrote that he's a fugitive. what does that mean? is he on bad terms with your family?