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Yamaha Bike Show (Casting)

Used a new lip shade from Ettusais (:

Its nude.
I have naturally red lips, and any red add ons, i will look Geisha.

Was going thru my cellphone album. And i realized i haven posted on the recent casting i organized.

Was a success, thanks to the girls who were punctual and spontaneous!

The 2 girls i can never "not call".

Audrey and Kit.

Casting required them to perform in-front of the camera, on the bikes.

(They were selected through their posing and expressions during the shoot.)

I kinda agree with what Audrey said on her bloggie,

Clients select girls through how they perform in that 5-10 minutes?

It doesn't matter if you are actually an intelligent girl who can converse well or personality.

Superficial huh?

Anyway, here's another picture i grabbed of Audrey's (:

The casting was a rather longggg one, the girls had to be shot individually. This explains the lengthened duration of the casting.

There were 11 girls, vying for 8 spots.

The final 8 girls, which had to do a group shoot.

And i think it will be the stage banner/ official banner for the event in August.

Another group picture?


The client decided on adding in another girl.
Due to budget constraint, they couldn't take all 11 girls. Though, they so much wanted to!

Chrishirl was Girl no. 9

(Chrishirl far left)
She's a real leggy beauty.

Nobody took pictures of me! So i had to self snap lah!

and yes!!!! My new perfume! (:

It smells awesome! (:

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