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Medicated Whitening Essence and Cupcake Workshop! (:

What to expect in this post? (:
1) Medicated Whitening Essence
P/s: For babes who have post acne scars, blotchiness and freckles! Please pay close attention! ! Or if you simply want clear and radiant skin!

2) Cupcake Workshop!!!
P/s: For girls who loves sweet delights and DIY, stay tuned!

Let me start with number 1!
Yes! This whitening essence prevent pimples and at the same time, lightens post acne scars, blotchiness and even freckles!

Moisture penetrates deeply into problem areas quickly to increase skin’s resistance to future zits!

This product actually tighten spots and freckles! Also hydrates skin, increasing its resilience to pimples.

Is this a familiar sight for you?

It sure has been for ME! ):

I have started to use this product, especially for my forehead area, which tend to have breakouts due to my fringe that turns oily by the end of the day!

REVIEW: My mini pimples have started to subside. No longer red spots! Above that, i don't see any fresh pimples growing! YAY!!!

Here's part 2 of this post!

Another workshop by Ettusais! (:

Learn how to decorate pretty lovelies for your dearests!

Birthdays, Anniversaries?
Nothing can beat DIY-ing for the special one huh?

How pretty right! Makes me saliva and makes me wanna have a go at it too!

Here are a few designs by fellow girls who have attended workshops at Sugar Inc (:

Want more details right now?!

Here is it!

Cupcake Workshop by Sugar Inc

Date: 25 July 2009
Time: 3-5pm Venue: Beauty Studio, 1 Grange Road, Orchard Building, #12-01


You will get to bring home 4 lovely cupcakes decorated by yourself, the cupcake recipe and a $10 ettusais voucher

( $30 is really affordable lah, how much will it cost to attend such a lesson outside? )

Call 67398675 or email to RSVP! (:

or visit our webbie below for more details!

Photobucket Ettusais

The official website.

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Anonymous said...

hey where do u get tthe whitening essence from?