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Zoe, the French maid.

Got Huiling to join me for this event at the new shopping centre opposite Bugis Junction, Iluma!

Its a launch of a new jap restaurant in the shopping mall. The 2 barrels are Sakae which were knocked open at the opening ceremony by the bosses! (:

My job was simple; just to hand them the gold scissors and hold up the side of the red cloth for them to cut to mark the official openinggg! (:

And the rest of the working hours (Job is 5-8pm), we just walk around and we had some sushi and super delicious beef cubes too! MUAHAHA!

The restaurant is really huge; they have individual stores in the restaurant like the picture above! (:

They had true blood Japanese kids doing folk dances numbers! Super adorableee.

Its my first time in a french maid uniform; i couldn't help myself! Bear with the following photos =p

Two other guys worked with us, they were to help do the "guys" work, such as keep the curtains after the curtains dropped at the Grand opening!

Dressed smartly, they were mistaken as Guests lah! They openllyyy went in for good food! The good thing is; they sneaked some for Huiling and I! HEHE! (:

I wasnt planning to take them. I was fascinated by the walls of one of the "stalls" at the restaurant!

Bambooooo walls!
Really delicate. Non photo-shopped okay!

Huiling took this picture! (:

At the end of the restaurant, there's an Anime theme! So the staff there are dressed like how i am, but with high socks and loafers!

(I'm an imitation one, with heels. HAHA!)

As i said, this restaurant has loads of individual stores; 1 preparing just Sushi, another Ramen, and another selling drinks and sweet stuff and the next one selling hot pot (The Anime outlet!)

Every individual place has waitresses dressed in different outfits. They have waitresses in Kimonos too lah!

Look belowwww! (:

Right on top 2 pictures are the place with the Anime concept! I loveee the glittery crystal lightings! (:

The restaurant works through self service ordering (:

Given a stylus pen, you just hit the item you would like to order on the menu! Coollll lah!

Japanese alwayyssss have such creative ideas!

And i met Billy there again! He's the official photog for the 3rd event now! He offered pictures again! HEHE!

Nicer pictures;

That's all for French Maid event! (:

I'm heading over to the restaurant soon!

P/s: Iris! Guess who i met there! Sharon, whom we met at Quiccy hotel? She's with the company who is in charge of this restaurant! She changed job and recognized me! HEHE!

Off to Wisma for last day of the event! (:

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Anonymous said...

hi may i know where did u get your black heels and lashes from? (: its pretty.