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HH and Royaletreatment

Photobucket Holly Hoque

I'm sure you girls know that i'm in loveee with Holly Hoque by now. I can never get enough of their handpicked pieces and NOW, i can NEVER get my hands off their self manufactured pieces!

This post depicts: THEY HAVE UPDATED AGAIN.

This new collection features their self manufactured pieces!

Isn't Sheila really capable for a 18 year old?

I like this bubble sleeved navy top.

It's an ASOS inspired!
ASOS stuff are overpriced and shipping over is realllyyy unaffordable! ):

I'm getting this piece! I love the Vneck of this piece. Usual mesh back tops are round necks. And round necks are really common and boring!

HH has this piece in white too!

And i love this handpicked Sunshine in this collection too!

There are many more to unfold!

Check it out yourself! (:

Photobucket Holly Hoque

Frequent updates of self manufactured pretty pieces! A place that takes care of a girl's wants and needs.

Photobucket Royaletreatment

Girls, Surprise your sweeties! (:

Have they been super sweet lately? Buy them something of the Royaletreatment!
OR your naughty boy have been cold to you, make them GUILTY! Treat them to something good!

Here's Royaletreatment's exclusive collection to my readers' sweeties! Not just girls get new clothes, guys get their share too here!


Zoe's on her last paper- Service Quality!

Cant wait for this paper to be over.

Things i need to do:
1. Go to Von on Wednesday for my hair appointment (with Sheila!).
2. MORE date(s) with Sheila for nails and shopping!!!
2. Buy a new phone!
4. Beauty Sleep. Beauty Sleep. Beauty Sleep.
5. Exercise!!!!

On the cab to Suntec (:

And oops! I got more tibits! I love Japanese Snacks! I always fall in love with their exquisite packaging and interesting and yummyyyy designs and tastes! (:

Got another Oreo cause lil cousin finished my previous packet! (:

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