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A page from this month's motor culture on Bike Asia! (:

I see danielle, hannah, elynn and Sindy as well!

Pictures from one of the Saturdays!

Cute baby! (:
And yes, the dress i'm wearing is from Simplissie! HEHE!

I love bird nest!

(so random)

The sweet lady met me at town just to pass me a couple of their dresses!

This is one which she specially chose from her previous collection for me.
At first, i was afraid it will be too floral, too over!

But i was wrong lah! (They really have good taste in choosing their apparels for their loyal customers!)

I always match my clothes with waist belts, if you have realized! HEHE! (:

Black belts can never go wrong!
So ladies, stock up some at homeee! HEHE!

Blogshops should really have some bundle packaging! Dress+Belt at a cheaper price than buying individually! WAHAHA!

Am a Marketing Student.

What am i doing now? (:

Checking out their new collection! HEHE! (:
I love the lacey black racer and denim tubey dress!!!!

Getting my hands on them before its out!

Photobucket Vogue Remains Advertorial

A blogshop you're familiar with yea? (:

Here's whats left of their latest update! Get your hands on them before its goneee!

I dig zipper tubes! (:
One of my favorite from the collection!

This is my other favorite! Mini dresses i will match my waist belts with!

Photobucket Vogue Remains

Casuals and lace. They know what girls dig!

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