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ETTUSAIS'S Medicated Acne T-Zone Oil Block Gel (:

I was kidding on being an SIA girl (:

Was an event with 11 other girls for Fiona at Ritz Carlton.

Ameila's in Green as she can speak Japanese! (:

Sorry i lied!

But I’d let you in my little secret to keep your face fresh just like I did in the SIA event!

I used this product before heading out of my house (:

The gel is tinted colorless and refreshing.

Apply onto T-zone area. Especially my nose area which tends to be more oily compared to other parts of my face.

By 2pm every day, the oil on my nose can soak up 1 piece of blotter paper. And it can be kinda embarrassing when i'm at an event or shopping! Having tried the gel for 2weeks already, it really is a oil control police for my nose and even forehead, projecting a matte and smooth finish! And the best part is, it prevents shiny and oily skin whilst making sure my skin does not become dry!

Zoe's review: The gel is really refreshing and it mattifies my oily T-zone area, really well. Unlike usual gels, this is not sticky AT ALL and above this, it controls excessive sebum and prevents pimples!

My makeup base (Medicated Acne Whitening UV) glides on after applying the gel! Thankful that it isn't sticky nor causes unevenness! (:

With this gel, I can still look fresh and oily-free at 9pm when the event ends! (:

Remember to put a reminder to get this from our stores! (:

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