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Ettusais eyecolors! (:


Let's get started! I take out all the colors which I'm going to use for this entry! (:
Blue and pink are the new colors Iris gave! The feminine palette was given sometimeee back.

All you need is a clean eyeshadow brush to work the colors! (:

I loveee to play with colors! I will NEVER stick with just a single shade for my eyeshadow! Use different colors to create gradation and definition!

A tinge of pink makes my eye color stand out!

Black adds abit of GLAM-FACTOR! And really good if you feel sky blue or bright colors are too striking!

NO! Not done yet! One last step!
Most important step to me!

*Tip: Never use 2nd finger as too much pressure will be applied on delicate the eye area!

Apply pearly white all over remaining eyelid all the way to the brow line which does not have any eyeshadow yet (:

Hope sharing the color codes will assist if you wish to get them from our stores! (: This season, you should try the POP colors, since they are the COLORS for Summer!

For those who recently became readers of my humble bloggie!
Here's what i shared with my readers months back!
For those who long forgotten about this post (which i hope not cause i spent lunch time with Chester to get the pictures done!), here's a recap!

I did my first hands on demo on the feminine palette!
White, Purple and Black (:
*Note: Colors are all with Glittering pearls to add shine to your eyes!

Eyeliner and eyelash and doneee! (:
(Falsies are really in for girlies these days!)

Here are the colors we are offering! (Lifted off the website!)
Mix and match from the wide choice of colors to create your personal favorite palette! (Just like the feminine palette I was holding!)

If you're interested in the eyecolors that has pearl particles or other eye makeup, click to navigate into our webbie!

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