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Qi sent me a text 2 days back to thank me for job intros. I was rather taken aback, as other than the Singtel Grid Girl recruitment which positions are already closed, I do not have any other assignments on hand now. She then went on to tell me that there's someone who has added her on her MSN with the a/c: Qi and my concern is that this person is going around using my name, Zoe Raymond to get girls' portfolios (for i don't know what reason).

So, girls. If you received an invitation from this email, please check clearly before sending them over. For I'm not sure if the jobs are as promised (:

And, I stress again. I definitely did not give any of your contacts to

Zoe Raymond

Got this from En's blog! Makes me melttt!

En, i miss you too. Alongside Jing, Pris, Jun, Diana, and you too, Yanli!

And En, i so DONT polish bowling drains alright! That's such an insult and huge embarrassment that you made it public! BOO!

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